Questionnaire time.

1. Do you like purple dinosaurs: Fuck no. Barney has been banned from my house.

2. What’s kind of sneakers you got: I don’t.Boots and flip flops

3. How smart are you from 1-10: Like I’m gonna say a 1. Ten!

4. Name a word with 2 or more meanings: Bitch

5. If i gave you a million bucks, what would you buy first: I would set up a college fund for my kids and travel fund for them.

6. Watch u gonna do with all that junk?: Keep it in my trunk

7. Whos better lil Wayne, drake, kanye west, Rick ross, or Justin bieber: Motorhead.

8. Name something you would never say to your mom : Is that a mustache? (for the record, my mom does NOT have a stache)

9. Would you rather be able to teleport, fly, read minds,invisible, or move things with finger: I already do those things.

10. Who is the best actor or actress: Gary Oldman 11. Who were you with last night: my man beast AKA husband

12.What woke you up this morning: sigh…my son

13. Is tonight going to be a good night: Why not?

14. What’s on your mind RIGHT now: How fucking long is this thing?!!!!

15. Would you take a bullet for anyone: Yes. Papa Smurf

16. Do you listen 2 music everyday: Yes, all day..

17. What is your favorite kind of soda: cherry coke. 18. How long til your b-day: It’s in september so however far away that is. I got kids, I don’t have time to count.

19. Does a kiss make you feel better: Uh….that depends…

20. Do you start the water before you get in the shower: who doesn’t?

21. Have you ever had stitches: Nope

22. What are you doing tomorrow: stuff

23. What is your favorite cereal: apple jacks

24. Funniest thing you heard all day: uh…’s not appropriate for this here blog and it violates the privacy of another..

25. Do you snore: Yes because im sexy that way.

26. What was the last thing you had to drink:  coffee

27. What is your favorite kind of soup: egg drop with wonton

28. Taco sauce- Hot, Medium, or Mild: Devil’s drawers hot.

29. Have you ever used someone else’s toothbrush: Yes…

30. Would you rather get up early or sleep in: Sleep in

31. Who would you want to be stuck in a cave with: 1. Husband. or……like MarinaSleeps, Bear. I too want to live!

32. Look to your left, what do you see: Dog Kennel

33. Four words to explain why you last threw up? Drank some bad whiskey

34. Favorite cuss word: Fuck

35. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now? People who don’t like me….

36. Do you laugh at people with “bowl” haircuts? Only outloud.

37. What would you Do if rudolph the red nosed reigndeer showed up in ur yard? Venison is some good eatin’!

38. do you agree that penguins are AWESOME!!! ? No.

39. Do you actually believe Alaska is covered in snow? I don’t really care

40. Do you believe in unicorns? Only on occasion

41. Do you think people who spend a lot of time online are time-wasters? Pass

42. If you had a new identity, who would you be?  The new improved Maggie without stretchmarks!

43. Thoughts on Taylor Swift: She sings some music

44. Thoughts on bitches: They get stitches (see double meaning!)

45. Did you lie on this questionnaire? That is entirely possible but I am not sure I can say.


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