Musical fun with my kid

So i sat with my daughter tonight and we took turns showing each other videos we liked. She showed me her top favorite and then I showed her ones from my teenage-y times and my not so teenage-y years that i thought she would like. So I am going to post them for you. First up is Lady Gaga, one of Hattie’s favorite. I am not such a fan but atleast she can put on a good show.


Then it was my turn. So like a good mom I thought of people whom I thought could be a good influence while adding a poppy tune for her liking. So below is a video I posted recently but what the hell here it is again, Pink’s Stupid Girl.



And it’s Hattie’s pick, which frankly surprised me. It was Selena Gomez who I am not a fan of only because I think that disney has done enough to ruin a girls image of herself but this song was very much pro love who you are so…props to my daughter. And it’s her favorite song of Miz Gomez’s.



My turn. So I go to Gwen Steffani. She is the image of self confidence. Hattie loved it. Points to mama! Plus girls gotta stand up for herself.



Hattie drew a blank here so I thought of Katy Perry and Hattie was ecstatic and I think I immediately won cool points. So lastly I give you Katy Perry.





4 thoughts on “Musical fun with my kid

  1. You are such a wonderful mom. I think it’s so special that you and Hattie share moments like this. You are so great at focusing in on and attending to her interests. It seems like you’re always trying to find ways to help her build her self-confidence and be comfortable with who she is as a person – so very important!

  2. I do that with my girls too. They are really into music videos and dancing. There favorite songs change every week but its quality time that we share with each other. Ya know?

    My daughter who is 5 loves On the Floor by J-Low right now. My 4yo loves Katy Perry.
    And I got them to like Yeah Yeah Yeahs. So yay!

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