Leaving an Impression

I don’t have time to “transition my l0ook from Day to Night”. Just thought I would let you know. Seriously I am just not that concerned.

I have been wanting to post for a while now, a real post, not a “here’s a video, I’m too tired” post. I am not sure how much justice I will do this but  I am certainly going to try.

I visited with my ever classy Grandma Seibert.


She is a very special women with balls of steel. I spent some time talking with her about my Grandpa who passed a couple years back. He was equally as cool. She said something that struck me, she said it helps her to talk about him. She can tall people feel akward about broaching that subject. She described it “It;’s like his life was a whisper”. So I am making it my mission to be sure he isn’t a whisper. He didn’t live a whispered life but i know what she means. When some one dies it feels awkward and uncomfortable to talk about that person with the loved ones left behind. But sometimes they NEED to talk about them, to help them know that this person lived and will not be forgotten.

She spoke of their dancing in the evenings in the very living room I sat in with her. I never knew this and it touched me beyond words. I knew my Grandma danced as I had and I knew my Grandpa was a jazz musician but a dancer? It made me happy and sad all at the same time. When someone leaves you, things are discovered that you wish you had known when they were living. But at the same time, what a beautiful, intimate thing shared between them.

It was so nice to sit with her and talk about these things. Both sets of my Grandparents have been very instrumental in my life. They are a reminder to me of how to live and I am thankful.

My Grandpa S. was an amazing man and he walked through this life with an amazing woman ……. whom I still have the privelage of sitting with. I hope I can leave such an impression.




7 thoughts on “Leaving an Impression

  1. Good post.
    I don’t ever talk about my mother in law who passed away 2 years ago to my husband because he changes the subject.
    I guess it hurts still too much,
    But I do talk about her with the kids. Thats how you celebrate her life.

  2. Beautiful post! Unfortunately, I’ve lost both set of my grandparents. They were all wonderful people in their own way. There are so many things that I miss and I wish that my kids would have been able to experience. Hopefully when I have grandkids one day, I’ll be able to leave the same kind of impression on them.

      • Bless you for being sensitive and listening. We all need each other to share our lives with each other, but it’s hard to do in this busy world. I hope that now you are in the burg, we’ll have many times of sharing. It is a big change for me with Cheryl marrying and moving, but with my Lord’s help I.ll do o.k.
        With all the packing and wedding prep. I haven’t been on facebook for days. Thank you for the excellent blog. It read as if it came from your heart.

  3. Maggie you shared much of what I feel. I feel so fortunate to have had and to have a close relationship with both Grandma and grandpa. I often think about two sparrows in a hurricane and I hope u dance as the songs that reminds me of their love. They danced thru life christ centered and danced thru life with deep love and respect. I know the secret of their marrage was always putting the other first.. both were so selfless, and of course their deep shared love of God. Grandma says when an old person a library of information and knowledge dies with them. I have found this so true since we lost grandad. So often I wish there was a way to just call him up. A remarkable story about him that shocked the hell out of all involved…..grandma asked that I not tell grandad I was gay….he was in the nursing home. Well as intuitive as he was he said,” Bethann I love u and don’t judge you and god love u.” He let me know he knew and that it didn’t change anything. Grandma and mom about flipped out when I asked if they had told him. It was just grandad…..just him being the awesome person he was. I love how Grandma thinks and writes. She puts things down on paper that would blow any scholars mind…..and she always says grandad was the smart one. They were both gifted w brains. Well I’ve rambled long enough. Your post was very touching. Thanks

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