Okay so here we go. Going where, I have no idea. I just knew I hadn’t posted in a couple of days and i was beginning to feel ashamed. So here I am, coffee in hand typing away hoping and praying to the gods that something brilliant will hit me. Prepared to be…….stunned? Bored? Somewhere in the middle? What would the half way mark between stunned and bored be? Bunned? Stored?

In all seriousness things have been more hectic than usual. I like it, I am not complaining, I just to want to get through my to do list today, that’s all I am asking for. On other notes I am looking forward to one day making a Vlog (the swedish term for blog). I do not have a good memory card right now and so once I buy one I will film myself using my Kodak camera. I do not have a proper recording device but my Kodak Easy Share (pay up Kodak) works just fine. So once I have remedied that you will get to see —>this<— luxurious lady.

Ok that’s all I have time for. I will leave you with a video from my youth. It’s Sesame Streets counting song, pinball style.


6 thoughts on “Uh……….

  1. Love it! you should be receiving checks from Kodak shortly in your mailbox. If you don’t, I suggest you sue their asses. That way, you can buy your memory card! Looking forward to seeing your vlog.

    V-L-O-G…hmmm…. See? I knew I was bilingual!

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