Not a terribly interesting post

Sometimes I look at my blog and think, “Wow what the hell, my blog reads like a bad self help book”. I assure you this is not my intention but in an effort to live out loud well that shit happens.

Let’s see, the wedding. It was wonderful and fun and magnificent! The bride was the ultimate dance partner and my friends, as always are the best to hang out with and drink a few (few is a relative term) whiskeys and pass a REALLY good time. I managed to have only a small headache the next day. Not having my kids with me was nice because I didn’t have to keep too close a watch on my alcohol levels.

I love my friends! They are the ultimate in people! I couldn’t ask for better and I am very lucky to have them! It makes me smile to reflect on the good time had.


The heels I wore to this shindig are awesome and they killed my feet like all heels do for the most part. I hadn’t worn any heels since before my son was born. I used to wear them on the regs with my jeans but man was I out of practice! It took a while to get my sea legs back but I did, at least for the first 6 hours. At the reception my friend Dallas leant me her boots, Oh sweet mercy!!!! She single handedly saved my feet (and calves) from a fate worse than death!

So today is all about recovery and relaxation. My kids are back and awesome, I missed the boogers. My cat is happy to have us home and our dog, who went with us, is happy to be home as well.

This was not a terribly interesting post. Ah-well, you can’t win them all. Have a good, fun and safe Memorial Day people.


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