Music melody

So  I was just thinking I wanted to write but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write on and then I remembered it was Music revolution! Woo hoo! So Now I am in the throws of video heaven listening to whatever I can. My first clip is The Hellecopters. They are a swedish band that is pretty much awesome plus they took a Black Sabbath song that was waaaaaaay to long and honestly (don’t shoot me) not too interesting and made it fabulous by capitalizing on the best part of the entire song. Yes I speak of ‘Dirty Women’.


And no I certainly don’t mess around.


Okay so let’s clean you up with a little feel good melody. Feist. I love her. She covered this song. But it’s amazing, she adds her own picante’.

And because I have had this song in my head for two days and then Marina posted ninties hits sooooo without adieu here they are.


The Super Wild Horses. My husband tattooed these ladies, super awesome girls. Another beautiful Canadian Band. Love those canadians…O Canada!


And another “Mess Around” song. The Great Ray Charles. Fuck you if you don’t like him.


And my other favorite blind man, Stevie. I love you Stevie!


And last but not least…The Be Good Tanya’s. Another Canadian band….For my travels tomorrow. I love traveling and it is my heart. And this has pics of New Orleans, my other home. I miss it always. She is the eternal wonderer and lover.



Thank *you and goodnight!



4 thoughts on “Music melody

  1. Hey lady… pretty interesting pics!
    I love Feist. I am suprised that I never heard of Shakespeare’s Sister. Though the singer kinda reminded me of Marilyn Manson.
    I liked those girls who sang Mess around.

    • Haha! Yes maybe Manson took some make-up tips from the Shakespear Sisters or vice versa. None of these videos really go together music genre-wise but Oh-well. I like so many different types of music it is hard for me to stay within one type.

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