The Devil in You; Satan in Me (An Appropriate Sunday Post)

Something has recently possessed my 2 year old. He cries at everything. He doesn’t like hello, goodbye, toys, movies, books, milk or anything right now. He has decided to become a grump. I take comfort in the fact that this is a stage. In another 3 years he may have grown out of it…depending. My daughter was fine by about 5…not sure I can really use that timeline because all children are different but I sure as shittin hope it applies. I am open to sooner ungrumpification as well.

Something has possessed my son.

And turns out something has possessed several people in the movie ‘Rites’ starring the great Anthony Hopkins, who does creepy so well.

If you haven’t noticed this is my segue into the next subject…possession. Cue eerie music.

As I was starting to mention, my husband and I watched the movie Rites. And it really got me thinking about “evil” and the Devil and what I really belive about it. Then yesterday morning my hubby and I talked about it over our morning coffee. Our morning coffee is where we figure the mysteries to life and solve world hunger so this seemed an appropriate subject to talk about.

The Devil is that being, mythical with it’s horns and spikey tail that as a child you belive to be the root of all evil. He is in your evil thoughts. He is the reason people lie, cheat, steal and kill. In religion he is the tempter. In the movie ‘Rites” his minions abide within a person and slowly kill them from the inside out, contorting their bodies and features and voice so they do not even resemble the person who once lived normal and healthy.

Now I don’t know about possession, it definately intrigues me. My first thought would be that the power of the human mind is a dangerous thing. I know what it’s like to get too far inside my own head. You belive your own lies and excuses and it starts to seem like everyone else around you is the crazy one. You start judging your friends, your family and joe blow from the liqour store. The truth is usually, it’s you that needs a good spanking…a not the sexual kind, though depending on your circumstance, that to could be beneficial. It is the power of your mind that brings you to this place.

I am going to give you an example. The biggest Loser (or the fattest winner as my hubby refers to it) is one of my favorite shows. This show is about weight loss but it is more about the mentality that brought these folks to where they are. Psychologicly , they haven’t been healthy for a long time. They have hid behind the food and made excuses. None of them really see this at first. Sure they numbly admit to eating because of this, that or the other but they have shut off anything else and it takes beating their bodies to the breaking point to bring them to revelation, usually kicking and screaming the whole way. This is the example of the power of the mind.

So when it comes to possession is it all their heads? Is it the power of suggestion mingled with their extreme religious belief or is it really powers outside of the physical and more in the spiritual? I am a God fearing man. Who God is exactly, well not sure about that but I do believe he exists. Now I have heard it said that if you believ in God, then the devil really exists too.

And now we get into the thick of it. Grab that second cup of coffee ( I am).

I used to be a missionary. I know shocker. Me and my fowl fucking mouth used to “go into all the world and spread the good news”. I traveled to Israel, England and Thailand this way. Now I was never a street preaching person and when asked to do that kind of thing always said no, because even when I was a Christian it felt wrong to me to shove my beliefs on another person. I certainly wasn’t ready for theirs so, it seemed a good reason not to. Plus it wasn’t how I was raised to see people, like a souless piece of meat to bring Jesus to.

I started really questioning my faith about 8 years ago. My daughter was about 3 and my husbadn and I had been married about 5 years. When you have children, you see yourlife through as microscope. I looked in and starting asking myself how honest with my child I was going to be. I decided I wasn’t going to push my child to church and in christianity if I myself could not 100 percent agree with it’s terms anymore. When I decided that, my real journey began. I really felt I needed to find my beliefs so I had something solid to offer my daughter when she asked me the oldest question on earth, “who is God?”

I have now been married 12 years, my daughter is 10, I have a 3 year old (possessed, hehe) son. I am not sure I am any closer to the whole answer. What I have are tid bits of thoughts here and there,like I believe in God, not sure who he is just that he is there. And this also brings me back to the Devil.

There is a line from the movie “Usual Suspects” and it goes “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist.”

I might be one of those people. I do not discount that there could be ‘evil forces’ that are beyond my realm of understanding but I also tend to believe that the biggest devil there is lives with us. We are our worst enemy. This all leads back to the possession thing. Our own minds and wills ultimately bring us success or failure. Yes, there are things outside our realm of control that will influence this but we are the master of what we can control and often times the bad that happens isn;t because the devil made ya do it or the devil did it but because you should have used common sense. I have lived a life of just that, realising that a lot of the things I blamed on others or on something devilish, or even God, was really my lack of self examination and self control.

So I won’t say the devil doesn’t exist but i will say I think we ourselves act as the devils. I believe we born blank, with an idea of good and bad, right and wrong. It is our decisions that lead us down the path in life.

So food for thought or not. You could have just read this and been like, What the fuck? She is crazy! Well I am indeed a bit loopy but I enjoy the subject of the devil because it is a great mystery to me.

And anyone who knows me, knows I like a good mystery.

Enjoy your Sunday folks.


9 thoughts on “The Devil in You; Satan in Me (An Appropriate Sunday Post)

  1. Love your post! Okay, so you’re a bit loopy. Guess what? The best of us are!!!!!

    There is a line from the movie “Usual Suspects” and it goes “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist.”

    The single BEST line of the entire movie.

  2. I was SERIOUSLY going to write on this topic…well, more on the rapture topic, actually. I’ve felt this overwhelming need lately to write about the past. Which is either incredible stupid, or the break to my 5 year writers block.

    Anyway, you put it in the best terms possible. Growing up around this “the devil made me do it” mentality has absolutely screwed my view on the devil and even evil. The loop I get caught in is, I can say in my personal life that I believe people do truly evil things, do they choose to do those things or was it a “devil” that took over and made them do it? No, they did that shit. But where did that idea come from? Is it all related to some sort of mental disorder? I don’t know. But I like the fact I’m not alone in that thought. 🙂

    • Yeah i think about this topic a lot. I guess because I am hooky spooky and shit, haha. You should write about it, I would love to read it. We all get writers block, I have it everyday but I write no matter and sometimes it’s shitty. But as Anne Lamott said, “You have to have shitty first drafts before you can have a good book”. I love ya!

  3. Reason Number 248 on why I love you. You are thought provoking!
    I personally don’t know I feel about any of it …. ok I was raised to believe in God and the Devil. Now I just dont care cause I ain’t evil. Or angelic.
    Hmmm is there a middle man???

    I wanna see that movie the Rites but I am chicken shit. I need someone to be there with me.

    I do believe in possession. And I believe you can welcome those things in your home. Thats why I never watch scary movies or if I do I watch them with someone there. That way I can blame them in case anything happens.

    You may need an old priest and a young priest for your son. Wait… never mind! Dont get the old priest!!!

    • Haha! yeah, also another good reason for having someone else with you to watch scary stuff, is to give the demons another option so at least your chances are less. Maybe you will get lucky and they will go for the friend. This would be a good way to get to know people that you aren’t sure of, have a scary movie night. If they r assholes at least you won’t feel bad about their door prize of demon possession! Hahahahahaha!

      I hear you though. There is a lot to be said about what you let in your house and there re certain types of movies I will not watch because of the disturb-o-meter. Spiritual freaky I am ok with but again there have beena couple that just whigged me out.

      Oh, and I don’t know if there is a middle man but there definitely should be.

  4. Very nice! I wasn’t raised in the church and I feel fortunate for that because I can make up my own mind on what I think and in my opinion it’s all crap. I am doing the same things for my kids, they can make up their own minds about it all. They have their Daddy to answer all their questions for them, he was raised in the church..every single one of them to be exact. I don’t believe in “god” but I do believe in something..everyone needs something to believe in.

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