Um so hey, I’m not raptured….guess i’m on the naughty list.

So I woke up fully expecting to see people’s clothes and shoes left behing outside where their bodies had been. Maybe they were going out to their car for work or just picking up the news paper, but from what I can tell all my neighbors, even the assholes, are still here. So did it happen or is it to come later tonight? Either way, I am still here, blogging and drinking coffee and being sarcastic.

Sooooo this morning a received an email from ATT. They are really a lot like the disease Syphilis. Just when you think it’s gone for good and you think it’s something ancient and in the past, BAM! Nope turns out it’s still here. What i mean is that I received a bill for a service that was canceled a month ago due to the fire. So today I will be calling those disease ridden motherfuckers to figure out what is going on. Am I pissed, slightly. Their service has been anything but good and they have continuously jacked up our bills etc. Yes they usually fix it but the time spent on the phone getting to the right person is wasting my time, which may not be valuable to them but it is to me. Sigh……Death to ATT.

Well that rant is over. Argh.

On my list today…more unpacking. Most of my house is unpacked now, though there are a few odds and ends to be put in place and pictures to be hung but my hope is by the end of this rapturously beautiful day, that I will have a house that looks like a house! Oh and did you like my use of the word rapture? Hehe.

So I guess I should be on my way to getting all of this stuff done. I wouldn’t want the rapture to happen without a good in order home. Plus later I hope to score a huge TV from someone who has been raptured.

They won’t be using it.


7 thoughts on “Um so hey, I’m not raptured….guess i’m on the naughty list.

  1. I got a good laugh out of your post. I believe the rapture is 6:00pm, so about that time start looking for empty houses. I’m sure you’ll score all kinds of good household items. I could use some end tables if you come across some extras while looting. I’m too pregnant to loot, but I’ll share in the spoils! Ooh – and I’d really like an Ipod as mine broke a long time ago. Just saying, in case you find one shoved into an empty pair of jeans left by someone who’s now listening to a choir of angels instead of the devil’s music. 😉

    Too bad about ATT. I know how insanely frustrating it is to have to make those kinds of phone calls and sit on hold forever and then have to talk to several people who don’t seem to know what the hell they’re doing. Hopefully this will be the last such call necessary.

  2. Considering I just lost my TV, I’ve been on the hunt for a raptured soul so that I may take over their viewing pleasure as well. Unfortunately for me i live in “Sin City” and I think we were completely skipped over because I have yet to find one. Ugh.

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