Music for the Night before the end of the world.

May I just say how happy my fellow bloggers make me? Especially as of late. The blogs have been hilarious and on point, so ladies keep em coming! It’s like getting cany in the morning, turning on my computer, filling my mug and seeing all those updates form my bloggers. It’s exciting.

And…I’m a nerd. But that’s fine by me.

So this Friday and some of my fellow bloggers do the music revolution, so I myself am going to post a couple of beaut’s. The first is from a band I was just recently introduced to called ‘Thee Oh Sees”.

And this band is a lot of fun as well. Spent a drunken night with them and woke up with them sleeping on my floor and under tables. Good times.

And last but not least, MC5. Love em. Great fun song, my daughters favorite from this band.

Now go party hardy because the sky is falling tommorrow!!!!!!!!!! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!! Quack Quack!


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