More Black coffee but with Cake this time!

So I had cake  for my breakfast. So did my kids. All I can think of is Bill Cosby’s stand -up about making the kids breakfast in the morning. He makes them a cake and they start singing, “Dad is great! He made us a chocolate cake!” I didn’t get a song but I did get “yay’s!” and an “awesome! from my ten year old.

The cake was chocolate and the icing is that whipped cream-y kind. It was delicious. My husband brought it home last night from work. The tattoo shop owner’s boy is home for the summer so it was a welcome back cake. So celebrated his home coming from my home with coffee this morning.

It has been quite the celebration 🙂

So today i will be wondering down to the library to get a card for the kids and I. I love the library. I mean I love it  . In the past it has been my hangout. But the last two years we haven’t been very close to one and we have shared a vehicle so it became one of those things I just didn’t do. I am looking forward to wetting my feet again and looking at all the books I have missed and also checking out a free movie or two.

And of course there is unpacking……….welcome to the ubrupt end to this blog!


5 thoughts on “More Black coffee but with Cake this time!

  1. I always thought Marie Antoinette got a bum rap…you know, “Let them eat cake”. Just kidding. You are a great mom, just in case you kids don’t say it.

  2. Lol… cake is good for the soul! Screw the haters…
    I loved the ending! I was laughing!

    Hey just so you know I have been blogging… I didnt stay away after all

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