Adventures in Box-dom

I have to admit I find my wanting to unpack, well a bit wanting. I have no desire to unearth the items in the dozens of boxes littering my floor.

I am more excited about cooking dinner right now. I am making an old favorite, chicken and rice with mushrooms and I am making a spinach and tomato salad with Braggs dressing for the side. It is still nice out here so I feel I need to take advantage of this and use the oven before it become to hot to use it on a daily. So dinner is my inspiration for unpacking.

Why? Well, because the clay pot I use to make this dish in is buried…somewhere…in a box.

You see I had all the good intentions when I first began packing. I had my handy dandy marker and a pen a nd paper. I would tape up a box and mark “1” and then on my paper write ‘1’ as well and proceed to loosely list the boxes contents. This happened for the first 28 boxes, at which point I was running out of time for boxing, and packing became a free for all. Anything and everything was thrown into boxes and so long as it sorta fit, the box was taped up numberless.

It was during this mayhem that I lost my clay pot. So now I must find it. I am looking at it as a scavenger hunt and hopefully it will not take me until dinner time to find it.

So with that in mind I am off to explore the uncharted waters of box-dom.


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Box-dom

  1. You have just described my every experience with packing. I start out extremely organized and very pleased with myself about it also. Then time starts running short and things just get thrown wherever – and not even things that go together which makes it worse. So I can relate! Your dinner sounds lovely. I think you sound awfully motivated for making a nice dinner. I know that during the moves that we’ve done, we’ve always eaten out way too much during the transition time. Not good on the pocketbook or the figure usually!

  2. Interesting blog….I can relate because we moved 23 times in our 63 years together. It brought back so many memories (some humorous & some not so….I think we often laughed to keep from crying).

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