Hot Strong Black Coffee and Pecan Pie

There should be sub-title added here that says “and the great debate on wether Pecan is pronounced PecAn or PecOn. I pronounce it PecOn. But other folks I know pronounce it with the apple sound for ‘a’. There are those great debaters who feel very strongly about the pronunciation. I don’t really care when it comes down to i. I do not say PecAn because it sounds nasaly. Being from the north I believe we pronounce it with the ‘o’ sound but having lived over half my life in the south, I believe  they pronounce it both ways depending on where you are in the south. Southern friends help on this?

But on with the rest of this blog, I suppose the above gives a little fun food for thought. What brought me to this random subject of pecans, is the fact that after moving all my shit up a 20 odd stepped, not mention steep, set of stairs, I emerged victorious and immediately prepared myself a piece of pecan pie, now devoured, and a cup of strong hot black coffee that is sitting beside me as I type. My children are napping, my faithful dog is chewing a bone on my bed and the weather is AMAZING (65 and sunny). Couldn’t ask for a more serene moment.

My back is a bit quivery as I am sure I pulled something and my left arm feels a bit over extended. I am thankful I had my beautiful and very pregnant cousin to help me watch the kids. I know, I am so mean. Here I have dropped off my two children, one a very hyper 2 year old and the other a talkative girl of 10, for my 8 month pregnant cousin to watch who also happens to be one of my very best friends and my very oldest friend in the world. She’s 74, hah, bad joke. We have known each other since we were in diapers practically. I am thankful to have her so near now and I happy that we can see each other more than once a year. Another bonus of being so near is I will be photographing her home birth, so excited about that!

Ok well this blog time must come to an end as all good things must. I have an entire house to unpack.

I’m gonna need more coffee.


12 thoughts on “Hot Strong Black Coffee and Pecan Pie

  1. Good luck with all the unpacking. Ugh…that must be my least favorite thing in the world to do. But just know that if I were there, or you were here, I’d drink some coffee and help you out. I wish you all lived closer because I have some work I’d love to get done and who better than some friends!

    Anyways, I pronounce it PecOn too. Everyone who pronounces it otherwise is just wrong. LMAO

    • Mom,

      Me and Dale, we toughed it out. It wasn’t bad really just lots of stairs.m If it hadn’t been for the stairs we’d been done in half the time. However my ass and thighs needed a good work out and I think I have decided to add stars climbing to my work out.

  2. pecON. Only way to say it. Never had anyone make a big deal about it until I moved to TEXASS where God forbid you don’t say peCAN. Sit on it, Texas.

  3. PeCON for sure. And speaking of pie I just finished a lovely piece of cherry pie a la mode – nothing like a little treat during nap time!

  4. This is the way I was taught. You pick PeaCans, you eat PehCon Pie….and I am a true southern belle, finishing school and all =).

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