Blogging again. Returning to life after a move.

I am blogging again. I know it seemed as though I would never return but never fear, the bloggess has returned.

We arrived almost a full week before our stuff did and in fact our stuff is somewhere on a truck coming this way. It’s arrival day is Monday. Anyone want to help cart all my shit up some steps? No? Ah well, can’t blame me for trying. We have moved so much that I don’t really care at this point if my shit gets here or nt because I dread, dread, dread carrying it up steps.

Being back in da Burg is great so far.I really have missed this place. The most common thing i get from folks when they realize that I moved from New Orleans is the question “Why?”. To them it seems silly. To me it makes perfect sense. I have friends who make up my family, family and some really kick ass architecture not to mention the arts really do eat up this town. The original superman was from this town and in my Grandpa’s graduating class. Carl Sandburg the poet was born here and don’t forget that I am from here which makes everyone else seem small. Hehe. Oh yeah and we have DickBlick Art Supply here and holy shit I could live there 24/7. Love that place. In fact I found this awesome book called “The Art Book For Children”. Five bucks. Completely awesome.

Another huge reason. Um, can you say Yard Sales? I can. And i intend to hit that shit up. I will make it my own. Funny lil’ blurp. My Grandpa Cherrington used to hit up yard sales all the time. When he did he had like 5 remote controls in the shed and who knows how many thing-a-muh-jigs that he bought for spare parts for whatever item he had that MIGHT break. Man was prepared. Other people’s junk truly was his treasure. He had 3 metal detectors at one time. Just sayin.

My only real concern is winter, but perhaps those months will become my writing and more creative months seeing as it will be cold as fuck outside.

All in all, I am happy to be back. Below was a little blog I wrote while I was internet-less. It was the first time I had written long hand in a while and it was sad how quickly my hand started to cramp.

It is intitled…No Blog Sucks.

Well sometimes they do, suck I mean.Even mine. No, No, do not shower me with words of praise. I know i kick ass but let me be real here a moment (pauses to take off incredibly awesome crown).

I am an incredibly awkward person. I am. Especially in person. I’m like that friend that calls you up on the phone but has nothing to say. Instead of calling, I come over and sit, awkwardly on your couch and wait for you to say something great so i can shake my head and agree or laugh or whatever and then go back to being awkwardly silent.

All the awkwardness aside, I miss blogging. No internet is the shits. Not only do i have no idea what’s happening around the globe or in my fellow bloggers lives (are you still there?), I simply can not blog. So I am writing in this journal. I know, great new concept huh?. Soon everyone will be doing it.

I am pretty happy being back here in the cornfields of Illinois. i have missed the north and I have missed my friends here too. The last time I lived here, my art flourished. I wrote music, recorded it and then promptly … hid it. Afraid someone might hear it. And then I created a myspace for it for all of a few weeks and deleted the account.

I received my first care package from my fellow bloggers before we moved. I have decide to wait to write about it until my month come around. i will then post about each one I receive. Try not to piss yourself with anticipation.

Ok, well my hand is tired, which is sad, very sad and I’m a little ashamed. I guess this just means i need to write by hand more often.

Challenge yo’ self fool.


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