Fires, Tattoos and moving

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We recently made the decision to pick up our tent and move back up to Illinois to tattoo at Hawks Tattoos, with the plan of spending some time in New Orleans a couple of weeks at a time throughout the year. The plan was to move in June but as often happens, our plans were interupted and then sped up.

Towards the end of April we had a fire at the studio. The majority of the damage was on our neighbors side but this left us without power for quite some time. We made the decision to leave as soon as possible.On May 7th we packed up the truck and started out towards Illinois.

We have been here less then a week and already we feel very much at home and we are enjoying our new surroundings. The biggest challenge will be the winters as we are not used to them at all having lived most our lives in the South. We are excited to be here though and look forward to everything that is to come.

I have updated the bio with our new contact info, including the shop name etc.


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