Wine and Blues…with a brief stop at SaltN’Peppa

Well as fascinated as I am sure you all are to hear about my packing, preperations to move and general apartment cleaning, I must say I will not be writing about it right now. No tears, we will return to the mundane and exciting world of to do’s but for now, with my mind spinning and tired all at the same time I am here to write about my dance time with my nephew Noah. Oh Yeah. He has the Kinex for his Xbox and we totally danced to some sweet tunes. I disco’d it out to Funky Town and Jungle Boogie while he chose Poker Face and Soldier. It was so much fun. There were more songs I wanted to try because they reminded me of my youth here in Nola. So…tonight here is one. I hope you enjoy and if not, keep your damn mouth shut! I kid. sorta.

Shaaaaa-push it!

And now the song being played across the street from me. I love the fact that this lady listens to tunes starting at 4pm and on into the night.

I love Otis. He died too young. This song will make you move those hips and ass in ways you never knew possible.

Fuck the Beatles.

I love this song because it’s validity carries it through the ages, well that and the awesome music.
The man. Love me some Howlin Wolf….

And this lady can wail…

And the wonderful Skip James….

And it'[s hard to top Skip so I’ll end with him. Night my ladies and gents!


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