Stuff I think is funny.

So today I was thinking of how sweaty and dirty I am from being displaced and needing clean undies. This naturally lead to me thinking about The “Shweaty Balls” skit form SNL. Yeah, my mind and it’s labrynth of thoughts. Then I thought, “hey everyone needs a little laughter”, so….here’s things I find funny.

And every lady needs some chic shoes.

And everyone needs more cowbell and I’m sorry after seeing this , now when I hear “Don’t Fear the Reaper’ I think” Wow this DOES need cowbell!” Sorry for the shitty quality.

Bill Cosby. One of the funniest men on earth. I love him.

As someone who loves Caro Burnett and Hates the movie “Gone With the Wind”, this skit is perfect. On top of Carol Burnett being a great Physical comedian, this skit is genius.

And that’s it for now.


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