Feelin’ Honky Tonk…Music, My Saviour.

Why haven’t I grabbed my guitar from my house yet? Not sure but as I was sitting here going over my “to do’s”, it dawned on me how idiotic it was to leave it there. I felt like gettin’ my honky tonk on and alas no gee-tar to do it with.

I grew up with honky tonk in my blood. As mnany of you have read, my ENTIRE family, cousins, aunts and uncle are in someway musical and it was not rare to be at a family gathering and have everyone pull out their instruments and play music while the ones who weren’t playing an instrument sang along. We sang mostly old hymns and if anyone felt like show casing a new song it was always anticipated with a happy heart.

Since i don’t have my guitar with me, I am listening to my Pandora station entitled “A Little Bit Lonesome”. A lot of my fellow bloggers post music on Friday, it’s one day a week dedicated to music. I’m a day late but below are some of the songs I’m listening to today.

Love the lap Steel.

And Another. Favorite line, “The preachers lesson is only Armageddon, but the Devil he knows how to ride”

One thing I have learned when listening to music is that you should NEVER make the mistake of putting a musician in a box. AND you should NEVER underestimate Motorhead. They are the Devils of hard music and they are quite good in blues.

Hank the third. Love him. He’s crazy as hell but who ain’t? I am not a fan of “soft” or “pop” country, or much main stream stuff. No that it’s shit or all bad , just not my thang. Hank speaks to me. He don’t play at politics.

And another of his I love.

And if after all that riding with the devil, whores, foukl language and drugs you feel the need for some purificatiopn, this song should do it. It was my favorite to hear my Grandpa and Grandma sing as my Uncle Tim picked along.


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