Un-sticking My Head From My Ass

Sooooo, those of you who have hung on and not become so depressed by my “joyful” posts, thanks for hanging on. I am determined to get happy. Not that I have been unhappy, just a bit overwhelmed.

We are staying in our landlords Jazz Fest apartment while we wait for our energy to be turned on our now clean apartment. The fire didn’t effect our side much but there are certain things that have to be inspected for safety purposes and so we are waiting for the city to send over the OK to Entergy, our Power Co. In the mean time we have our Eva(dog) gaurding the place as we had an attempted burglary while we were away. we stayed there last night to gaurd it a bit and let folks know, “Hey bitches, we are still here and on’t fuck with our stuff” or something like that. This is me  standing gaurd.

Back Off Bitches!!!!

Sooo now that I am about out of my funk and putting things in perspective, because come on, my shit was fine and my kids are with me. I have friends who are burying there child due to some senseless SOB doing 85 and texting, so I feel fortunate and I kiss my babies perhaps too much now. My son has even begun to turn away.

(not my kid) " I told you mom, no more fucking kisses!!!!"

Yeah so with a new found thankfulness I Magdalene, lady with head up ass, am now unsticking mine own noggin from mine tooshy.

So on my to do list is …a lot. But I am trying to tackle it one thing at a time. At the top of my list is again, my children. They have responded quite differently to this situation. My duaghter has become quiet. Which is very very abnormal. She is a talker, a loud talker, a close talker, an in your face talker. She talks. It’s her gift. So this quiet is creepy and she has had a lot on her mind, the move, the fire, the burglary and the death of a little while playmate. By little while, I mean someone she played with when we visited the Peace family on day trips. She was not close with Carley, but they are the same age and I know that has to be a mind fuck for her.

Odin, well he is like a person on crack. They say there is no rest for the wicked, he is being very wicked but in a sweet way. He’s not cranky just more active which means he is opperating at about 200 miles an hour, making it difficult to keep up. No naps, thank you, just crazy crazy.

The dogs, well they don’t give a shit and are the balance in all this crazy stuff. God bless those little flea ridden mutts. Seriously, Edgrr couldn’t be more poised and collected, which if you know pitbulls is a huge feat. Eva, our fancy one is calmer than ever and Dago, the neighbors dog is doing well given his trauma of being stuck in a burning house. This is why I like dogs, they are constant. They don’t change and they are loving and full of love to give if treated right. Edgrrr hasn’t left Hattie’s side, which is a great comfort to her.

So my to do list is below:

Oops wrong list.

Ok, here it is:

Coffee: Bring coffee maker from home and install it in temporary apartment. Yes this is THE most important step. With out this step I mat as well sleep through the rest of the year.

Balance- Find it and restore it

Kids-help them find balance and be extra attentive to them

Mail: Thypolar- you may have lost faith but I assure you the package is coming! You don’t mind a little smoke smell do you?

Moving Sale: Have a few and make money! Anyone wanna do some pee-poppin in front of the house to grab folks attention? I pay in food…and alcohol. This could be you.

I kid, I have way better chips then pringles.

Find Apartment to Rent: Yeah this needs to be done yesterday. I think with all the hippy hating I do, I still have a very hippy laiz-fair attitude. Let the universe take care of it. Oh and pretty sure that’s not how Laiz-fair is spelled. But i don’t give a fuck right now. Sue me wordpress.

Book our moving Pod: If it were up to me I’d burn all this shit. I am at that point. I shouldn’t say that because it all very nearly did, but honestly I am ready to go. It’s not New Orleans, I love this city but I feel almost like the city is telling me to get the fuck out. This was pointed out to me by my sister in law today. Kelli, You are wise and I think you may speak the truth. Haha!

So that’s the to-do list that I can think of. Now to go pee. I have been holding it so I could get this out. There it is, now to the pisser!


8 thoughts on “Un-sticking My Head From My Ass

  1. Loved the pic of the bad ass with the gun! I hadn’t heard that detail about the texting while driving in regards to poor little Carley Peace. So freaking senseless and preventable. It’s maddening to think that things like this happen because stupid idiots won’t take simple common sense precautions while driving.

    I hope you get some good news when you start making your phone calls regarding rentals. As always, let me know if there’s anything I can do on my end to help out.

  2. I haven’t been reading your blog long so I wasn’t aware of the fire. I hope all goes well for you.
    Postive thoughts are being sent your way asap.

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