Before I get on with all my B.S. , Carley Peace is still stable and showing signs of improvement. He is still on life support but his vitals are good. I will continue to post as I know more  and I will continue to post donation info too. Please those who have read over and over all the donation stuff, bear with me, I just want to reach as many folks about this as possible. Ok onward.

There is a problem when you are temporarily displaced, the time on your hands. I have shit tons of it at the moment. My children do as well, which makes for a cranky me because it is a constant, “mom he’s touching me!” or my son just crying for what appears no reason. Si I am cranky. My husband and I share a vehicle and he is currently at work with it, leaving me with two kids that might be my death.

Now I am trying to be understanding. They are feeling all the same things I am and perhaps a bit more intensly because their little bodies and minds do not process things the way an adults mind does. So i am trying to smile when I want to yell adn be as understanding as possible. In the mean time I am also taking deep cleansing breaths which I think might finally be working because I feel a little light headed.

Now i could take you through this big dramatic fire story but it was pretty cut and dry. I however have never been so thankful to a neighbor before though, I would not have known the house was on fire. I didn’t smell anything or hear anything to abnormal so I am glad she happened by and began dancing like a mad man at my door step. I don’t know her name but thank you mad dancing lady with waving arms, I owe you one or 10.

I grabbed my kids and my phone. Once outside I surveyed the flames in my neigbors side of the house and decided in my ignorance of fires and how they work,it was safe enough to grab my dogs, which I did promptly after dumping my kids on the sidewalk. Momo, my cat came from somewhere outside with singed whiskers but he was happy to see me and otherwise OK. After all that the firemen came and I told them there was a puppy next door which they brought out to me.

I am so thankful my brother and sister in law were in just a few blocks distance and were able to come and take my kids away from all that. They have been very awesome during this.

And then the fire was out but not before my neighbors half was pretty much demolished. We have his puppy for the time being while he stays with his friends. Dago, the puppy was scared when we got him, they found him under a table hiding and shaking. Poor thing.

So now that I am displaced for a moment I feel like I have more time then wanted on my hands. We are about to move in a month, maybe less now and I can’t seem to get my thoughts togather enough to call about houses or call about moving trucks etc. I still need to mail out my care package to my lady  If I had sent it a week ago when I SAID I was going to, it would be there already and she could be enjoying my crazy mind….or screaming in terror due to it.

Anyways thoughts together, i think that’s where I was going. I didn’t lose anything but being displaced and not with all my normal shit surrounding me stresses me the fuck out! This is probably good because it may be a sign of settling down. This makes me a bit happy. And I am thankful to have a place to go and that my children have their toys to go home to. So all in all with all the crazy shit, life still isn’t too bad.


8 thoughts on “Hmmmm-ka….

  1. I cried for you when I read this. Perhaps it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I can imagine that this is terribly unsettling and stressful for all of you. And you’re a wonderful mommy – I know that I would certainly be having a very rough time with being patient, understanding, and all that other great mom stuff if I was so displaced.

    I wish I could give that neighbor lady a big fat hug also. Once again, I think maybe hormones, but my mind couldn’t help but present me with alternative scenarios and I’m just so glad that you and your wonderful family are all safe. I’m also thankful for your stuff not being ruined. While life is not stuff, I am especially glad for your children who will find comfort in things that they know and love.

    Gah – I’m tearing up again. Maybe I’m just tired or something. I can’t wait to see you and give you a big fat hug!

  2. so thankful you are all safe and sound and the poor puppy who is probably getting lots of attention. You are a wonderful mom and your children are so very fortunate that you have good insight into their emotions. Hoping you will soon be back into your apt.

  3. Sorry you are going through this. Being displaced blows. It always seems to put things into perspective though. Glad you guys were okay and you didn’t lose anything precious.

    • Indeed! While I was outside watching the firemen trape through and in and out of the house I thought to myself “Why am I upset?! I haven’t lost anything!” My heart goes out to my neighbor who has indeed lost it all, except for his puppy who is snuggled at my feet. Dago misses his master though, you can tell. My daughter has been really upset by all this, i think she keeps thinking about the “what if’s” of it all. She is ready to be in her own bed and I think she is a bit bored.

    • Thanks my mexican goddess:) Yeah my neighbor got the worst of it. i think he may take over our apt when we move (which will probably be sooner then planned now), that way he will have a couple of months with no rent (we r pre-payed through july) and hopefully be able to get on his feet again.

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