Happenings in My House (Fire)

I haven’t been writing for a couple days because of our house catching fire. Now before you take the great influx of breath, let me explain. I live in a double shotgun house. For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘shotgun’, imagine a really long hall running straight back from the front door and seperated into rooms. Now a double just means two side by side. I live in the left hand side and our neighbor lives in the right hand side. It is our neighbors side that caught fire. At first they were saying it was electrical or that our neighbors puppy chewed through some wires. Either way his side is burnt out completely and he lost everything.

Our apartment is fine, just smells like smoke. They are doing electrical replacemnets etc and we should be able to be back in by Friday, provided that Entery turns on our electricity:)

So all in all we are ok and we have aplace to stay. I will try to write more on something more fun later but for now this is what I have.


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