Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Before I get started, for those who have been following the Peace Family, their son Carley is still on full life support but is now stable. There is some talk about operating to relieve the pressure in his head. Please continue to do your Juju.

And on we go.

It has felt weird to blog only because my thoughts have been tangled in the Peace Family tragedy. It hit home for me probably because I have kids and because I have spent time with them a bit and my kid played with Carley when we did. I know time has stopped for them and to blog like life is going on and normal seems almost cruel to do in a way.

I don’t know how to junction from that to the next thing so oh well. Next subject.

We are moving. Yes I know, to those who know me this comes as no huge surprise. We move about every two years. It used to be every year there for a while o we are getting better. No we are not in the military, we just like seeing other places. But now our kids need a  more stable thing and really so do we.  We will miss New Orleans terribly but I do believe our time in this city is over. We will visit as much as we can but to everything there is a season. Or season here is over.

It will be difficult to leave the people that mean so much to us, my brother Saul and his wife Kelli and their kids as well as our friends Mike and Terri and Doug and Julie. But I know our relationship will continue to grow even after we leave.

I walked a couple days back with my family. We passed bush after bush of night blooming jasmine. This smell is tied to all my memories as a young teen here and especially to dating my now husband. We would walk and walk and walk till all hours of the night just talking and the smell of Jasmine was everywhere. So it’s those thing I will miss too.

I have lived a lot here. I have learned a lot here. Every corner has a memory for me. But I am excited to return to my home town and make new memories there as well as be reminded of old ones.

The move will be bitter sweet for sure . I am proud and fortunate to have called New Orleans my home for so many years and I am fortunate to have been around the people I have met and built friendships with. My life has been enriched by everything and everyone here.  I will truly miss everything but I am excited for the future..

We will leave here around the first of June (Marina, I may need to trade months with someone).

So below I am posting a motley crue song. Oh yeah baby and it is for my friends, my falcons and my swallows.


7 thoughts on “Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

  1. I’m super happy for you folks. But here’s the thing, that means this weekend I HAVE to see you guys when we come into town!!! I thought I’d at least get to visit while their in July, but if you’re moving in JUNE??? ACK!

  2. ((HUGS)) Transitions can be rough, even when it’s something you’ve decided on. Just know that you and your kiddos will be welcomed with open arms. And dear God, there will be wine too!

  3. I use to move a lot too. I like a change of scenery but I’ve finally outgrown it, I think. Good luck with your new adventure and make sure to have Marina switch your month for you 😉

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