The Fragile Life and everything in between

Tonight I drink whiskey. I love whiskey. It’s, as they say, my jam. I have had a lot of thoughts about how fragile life is. As posted in my earlier blog a family we know had a tragedy yesterday. There son was hit while riding his bike. He is 8 years old. My daughter is ten. My son is almost 3 and it makes me want to weep to think of anything ever happening to them. No matter how pissed I get at them during the day, at night I am in their rooms making sure they are sleeping ok and yes to make sure they are both still breathing. I love them more than anything. So my thoughts go out to the Peace Family. Carley, their son is still in critical condition.

But life is fragile isn’t it? we take life for granted. Of course we all wnat to live till we are in our 80’s and hopefully not wear diapers but the trth is tomorrow I could walk outside and be killed. We don’t know what’s around the corner do we?

And all this ha me thinking about life and the first expereince I remember having with death.My great grandparents died. It was strange and dreamlike in some ways. There was a sad room and a happy room and a shit ton of food. Us kids played and ran around, totally uncouth. But in an odd way, it is a happy memory for me. i guess because maybe there was celebration.

More recently both my grandpa’s died. I miss them both. I was very pregnant when my mom’s dad died and I had a new born when my dad’s dad passed so i did not attend the funerals in Illinois. I have a copy of my grandpa Cherringtons funeral. I have not watched it. Nor do i plan too. I want to remember him the way he looked whn I last aw him, laughing at the coffee table in their Kitchen. The last time I saw my Grandpa Seibert he didn’t know who I was. And that was Ok. He knewmy Grandma and really that is the most important thing. My grandma is one strong Bitch. i don’t mean that rudely or badly Grandma (she reads my posts), but you tackled something that I am not sure I would know how to. I guess we don’t know our limits or strengths until we are ested in them. I have much admiration for you .

And it’s true. What they say I mean, that you don’t truly know the worth of person in your life until they are gone. I watched themost terrible movie last night with my husband, “The Curious Caseof Benjimen Button”. No offense to anyon ewho loved this but i found it well, terrible. However there were some good points and the conspet was good. Anyways I stray, in the movie they make just the point I previously stated. After the movie was over I found myself holding my husband a little closer than normal. And then, well that’s none of your damned business.

Today I found myself lost in thought over Carley Peace and life. I was reminded though he is alive and hanging on (and hopefully will continue), I was reminded not to die before you live. To take every second and love it and make the most of it. Take the bumps, bruises and scars and learn from them and apply that knowledge. Become wise and work hard and love love love. I may be at risk of sounding like a hippy (damn fucking hippies), but seize the day and don’t forget to tell those you love, thatyou do indeed love them.

Now go out and do it!


7 thoughts on “The Fragile Life and everything in between

  1. I’m glad to hear that Carley is in stable condition. Thank you for the update. My heart really goes out to this family.

    We get so busy with life and our own agendas that it can be so hard to keep in mind just how fragile everything is. When Boo was about 16 months old or so, one of the little boys in my online birth forum (so same age as Boo) drowned in his backyard. I cried that night and held Boo so close to me. My heart hurts for all families who experience loss and illness when it comes to their children. I wish I was better at remembering the corresponding lesson of appreciating every moment as it comes. I guess this is something I can continually work to be better at.

    Oh…and I love you! 🙂

  2. I have always been accused of seeing life through rose colored glasses, and that is ok but the truth that I know inside of me is Life is wonderful and I love it and every chance I get to in some way affirm that either in myself in others or in any small way, I grasp at and struggle to hold.

  3. In reality, thats best advice you can give someone. Enjoy really enjoy your loved ones! Life is short and that is the truth.

    By the way, your kickass with the whole whiskey thing! Your my little whiskey girl now!!

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