If It Appears I’m Moving Slow,Then You Have Had Enough To Drink.

I am moving like a turtle today. I am on the other side of a great weekend that was filled with friends from in town and friends from out of town. Firstly, our friends Doug and Julie came by with their friend Tara and hung out a while and that was fun.

Secondly, My friend Stacy (who has a store you should check out Here, you can thank me later) and her husband Brant came to stay with us for a couple days. We haven’t seen each other since I was about 16 and she was about 18. In fact we hadn’t been in contact until about a year ago. Just one of those things, you get older, have kids, lose contact with old buddies. Life happens essentially. Anyways, it could have been pretty awkward. You never know how a person has changed and if indeed you will have anything to talk about anymore. I will honestly admit here, I was nervous! ( Stacy, I totally was!) I mean what if they got here and it was awkward deafening dead silence! Too late to retract that invite to sleep on my carpeted floor. I know, only the best for my friends, ha! Now I am stuck with them and they with me, which the latter might be worse. But too my delight the whole visit was great and we talked and laughed, tattooed, ate and drank.

This morning I am a bit like a wobbly deer just standing up for the first time. Last Night was our friends last evening and we all knocked a few back and enjoyed Lasagna (Thank-you Sopranos Cook book) and stories about life, sperm banks and some other stuff that I can’t remember but I know was funny because I remember laughing at least.

I love reconnecting with friends from the past and bringing that friendship into the future. With all the screwing up you do as a kid, it’s nice to know that you made t least a few good decisions and have evidence of those choices. Stacy Boe Miller is one of those good choices. Good on me! I find most of my good choices are held in friendships because I have made a lot of other stupid choices, nothing like your thinking I am sure (naughty minds!), but still.

Okay well this hair of the dog is not biting hard enough so I think I am going to have do some cleaning or something. Oh sure I’d like to sleep but that is luxury that will have to wait until tonight. A shower may be in order too as I just lifted up my glass and was like “Ew! What’s that smell?!” and realized it was me. ……..



4 thoughts on “If It Appears I’m Moving Slow,Then You Have Had Enough To Drink.

  1. Glad you had a great visit. I know what you mena about being nervous though. I had a cousin that I went years without seeing. We use to have so much in common and were really close. We had talked on the phone for almost a year (she lived in another state) and then we decided to get together. It didn’t take long to figure out that we are two totally different people. Ugh.

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