Getting Mugged and other bright ramblings

One of the bad things about living in New Orleans is that this city currently has one of the highest if not THE highest murder rate . This does not count the robberies and thefts etc. A friend of ours was just mugged last night in front of his home. He remembers an elbow to his shoulder area and then nothing. When he awoke his money, social security card and keys to his home were taken.

Our Friend is a hungarian immigrant who is now a U/S. citizen. He is a quiet and reserved person and supplies new orleans with about 50 percent of the french pastries being sold in the coffee shops here. He is an amazing pastry chef and a good person. He recently bought a house in a neigborhood that is working on trying to clean up it’s act, no thanks to the city at all. I used to live in this neigborhood and in fact have written some of the blogs on here from the apartment I used to live in. It is a ghetto with burnt out houses and people who couldn’t give a shit about their surroundings. Though there are those few who toil to try to make it better. Our freind, Zoltine, is one of them. He did this by simply buying a house that was blighted and re-doing it. He walks to work everyday  and I am sure that his routine was observed and therefore, he was mugged. That is sad. It is a shame when you ahve to worry about being too routine.

I worried about this when I lived in the neigborhood. I used to walk in and out on a daily with my kids. I was fucked with and learned very quickly that if you don’t give what they give then you will continue to be targeted over and over again. As a result after a few months I was left alone for the most part. I had learned the fine art of “fuck you’ without drawing too much negative attention, it’s a fine frightening line.

It was scary at first but you get to a place where it no longer bothers you, it is normal. It was this that made me worry. Should I be used to gunshots arund the corner? Should I find the constant baggering by looky-lou’s a normal part of my day? But I was used to it and that is when I started saying “self, you need to get out of this place.” And we did and looking back, I still believe in what people are doing in that neigborhood but I also recognize the daunting task ahead of them and the truth that this city isn’t going to lift a finger for them. Much like our present government. At least not until all the “bad” people ( in this case sadly, the black folks) have been forced out by the white upper class migration, people with money to spend and who don’t have to live in the neighborhood to profit.

I don’t know where this blog is going and i will at some point stand back look at my ramblings and present this smartly. I was immediately pissed when I heard the news from my friend on my old block. My friend is dear to me and I know for a fact that the police were around and what did they tell him? They said “you aren’t giving us anything to go on” and walked away.

Thanks New Orleans Police. Have I mentioned how much you fucking suck today? No? Well there, now you know.



9 thoughts on “Getting Mugged and other bright ramblings

  1. Oh I am so sad for BooBoo. Sadly those who have been mugged or at least assaulted in some way within the city and those who have not is about 50/50. Happened to me, happened to Billy when we lived there… Not good odds.The rampant state of crime leaves one speechless and angry with no where to vent and the knowledge that it will do no good anyway. Change will come but when and what will it take?

  2. I remember walking from House of Blues on Decatur to my place on Barracks in the middle of the night,every night, for work. Never once did I think anything of it because it becomes apart of your surroundings to have people yell out you and watch you and walk just a leeetle to close. And as you stated so well, that IS a problem.

    This “NOLA is coming up!” ideal really frustrates me because it ignores the crucial problem with the city. That is, the crime. Painting a house and planting a tree isn’t going to make people stop robbing and shooting. It’s only when the CITY starts caring about it’s people that things will change. To think cops aren’t fully aware of what’s going on is ridiculous and to think they aren’t being paid to look the other way is ignorance. NOLA wants rich people, not black people, and that’s just the truth.

    • This is so true. Nola has some of the crookedest cops ever. we recently made headlines because of it. They just don’t care and they are getting paid for it. I think New Orleans plan for the city is to let the rich folks buy property and rent it out and slowly it will force out the lower class. But “new Orleans coming up” I believe like you is a farce being fed to other people to get people to buy and invest. Which we need but it’s under false pretenses. The ONLY way it is coming up is by the sweat of her own people doing it on their own without help from the city in any way. As I stated, this is quite daunting.

      Well said my friend.

  3. Sorry about your friend. It’s very sad to hear about people robbing other people.
    On a side note I’ll take a pastry in my care package please I bet it will go well with coffee 😉

  4. Thats it … I am packing my shit(and kids) and moving in with you. I have a 12 gauge shotgun and I will protect you … so nobody better even flinch cause I can get trigger happy quick!

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