Late night post on the hurries.

Late night posts are among some of my favorites. i don’t do them very often because usually by the time bed time rolls around I have a glass of whiskey and my shows to watch. But on occasion I post. This is one of those nights. Though zi have no clue what to post and now that i am on here and I am looking at the time, I am not sure I have time to post.

I have friends coming in town tonight, one of which I haven’t seen in like 15 years so it will be nice to catch up. This is why I am unsure of how much time I have to post, they will be here any minute and here I am trying to squeeze in a blog. I must be delusional.

Ok, so sorry you wasted your time coming over to Maggie Land, we are closed for the evening and possibly another day. Who knows.

Hey it’s my blog, my rules. Suck it up  baby.



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