So, man with beard will be home today and I am super excited about it. Like I posted earlier, I always  do fine for the first 24-48 but after that I start to busy myself (even more than normal). So needless to say I am happy he is coming home. So are my kids fpr that matter. Odin keeps asking if he can go see dad in Illinois. The he switches it up with “Can I go see dad on the train”. He’s confused.

He is doing very well potty training though he still is hit or miss at home. I have to be on my toes taking him. Sometimes he will let me know, like this morning. He cam up to me and said ” Mom, I pooping” He wasn’t but I took him to the potty and he then he did. He was so proud too. When I tell him he is such a good boy he sits up really tall on the toilet and smiles. Then comes the washing of the hands and I swear, that boy would wash his hands all day long. He loves it. OCD? Eh maybe.

Ok, in the words of Kat Williams “I got shit I got to do!” So I have to get off and prepare for the rest of the day.

See You Later Alligator, After While Crocodile and in the words of my friend Sylwinn when she was a child (so says her momma), Not so Soon You Big Baboon!


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