Heebie Jeebies

I have had the Heebie Jeebies since I was young. The unseen spiritual has plagued my mind from the time I could understand the uncertainties of life. At first I was frightened by them. I remember as a child being afraid to close my eyes. But it wasn’t the monster in the closet, or the one under the bed, it was this black sphere flecked with gold, like a cats eye almost, that would spin. I saw it almost every night as a child for about 2 years. But now I am intrigued by the unknown. I am fascinated by the hooky spooky. Always have been, and I probably always will be.

I have tried not to speak of faith or belief on this thing but I find myself revisiting the subject, perhaps because I am in the midst of my own searching.  Growing up in a Christian family born out of the founders of the Church of God (my great grandpa is the walking Bible in Ripley’s Believe it or not) and then thrown into the Jesus Movement in the 60’s, I was raised with a traditional view of right and wrong but with a modern twist due to the times that my parents were seeped in. I still value a lot of those things but not because I have to but because I truly believe them to be good and right views.  I however would not consider myself a christian or follower of Christ as I am not sure that I stil believe that he is the son of God yada yada, etc and so forth. That all being said and perhaps a bit off subject, I do believe there is “something” (on the wing, haha Stephen King my hero) out there and a God who is personal and loving. Call it a wanting or desire or as Judy Blume put it in  Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret,  “A great Ideal. God is for everyone”, it is what I think and I look around and see evidence of someone who cares. I know there is a lot of hatred and dark shit in this world, I don’t read the news because of this, but I look at nature and it speaks to me. No the deer doesn’t walk up and introduce himself, but you get my meaning. I see alot of good in people and I see a lot of beauty elsewhere. So this leads me to believe we are loved.( I will note that I believe in evolution to a point as well, but that’s another post)

Okay all that out of the way and back to the point I first started out to make, wait, what was it? Oh yeah Heebie Jeebies. Is that how it’s spelled? Oh well, doesn’t matter, if it isn’t I will blame my dyslexia or something, I have a gaggle of excuses I have been dying to try out.

I love watching stuff on ghosts and I do believe in spirits or lingering leftovers as i put it. I bless my homes when I move in with sage. So far so good. Sounds silly to some but it’s no different then getting a priest to come over and bless it. Just think in the Exorsist if they had blessed that home right off the bat….. well. Just sayin’.

At this point I have really quite forgotten where this was going so i guess I should sign out. It’ time  to sleep or put off sleeping for a bit by watching T.V.  It’s true, Momma love her boob tube.


6 thoughts on “Heebie Jeebies

  1. Dude you crack me up. You are soooo like me … you start something then your like wait what am I doing?
    Lol … I am interested and intrigued by ghosts as well. However I am scared of them. Kinda like a kid in awe of dogs but once they get close they freak out. That is so me.
    Plus I can’t watch or see scary stuff by myself. I will be scared all night. Yes I am a chicken!

    • I can chase a rabbit as my husband puts it. You will never hear from me, “I went to the store today.” What you will hear is this’ ” So I got up and i looked in the fridge and thought maybe I should go to the store. Then I got a phone call and it was my mom and did you know they are going on a cruise? I am so jealous, I want to go to France. Have you ever been there? I went to egypt ine time and had a great time. I absolutley love egyptology. Oh yeah so I hung up with my mom and….” Yeah I am a master rabbit chaser.

  2. We’re actually planning on getting our house blessed by our priest – never done anything like that before. I keep thinking maybe if we’d had it blessed when we moved in it would be unpacked already! 😉 But alas we decided to wait until it was unpacked and “pristine” before having our priest come over. Hmmm…we might have to lower our standards a bit if it’s ever going to get done!

  3. I’ve seen/felt ghost so have most of the females in my family. It stronger with some then others. Oh the things I could tell you. But we don’t like to talk about it much it makes as seem crazy.

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