Music post part two AKA Late nights.

I guess, I have been in the mood to listen to all the music that influences me or that makes me feel good. So tonight I will be posting another music post, though I may intergect here and there.

My first pick for tonight is Melanie. She has a very soulful effortless voice ( a theme with the lady musicians I like). This is Brand New Key.

This is another of my favorite songs. Also by far one of my favorite rock bands ever, though I am partial to Bon Scott and though I think the “newer” AC/DC is good, Bon Scott is my man. This song has some good lines that can be applied all over your life. Ride on, ladies and Gents. Ride on.


Okay. This band is a touch point in my childhood. We had this ugly green car, you know the kind. The one your parents pray starts in the morning and has an 8 track in it. Well my dad loves Creedence Clear Revival and this song in particular reminds me of riding in the car as a kid. My dad is a Vietnam Vet and unfortuantely found himself in the midst of an unjust war, the theme for America it seems. So this song, though I am not sure it is his favorite, is mine and it reminds me of driving with him in Mr. Green, the car that went and went when it probably shouldn’t have.


Jimmy Hendrix. This man was like a good wine, better with age. The more I listen to him and his lyrics, the more the speak to me. This song in particular is an encouragemnt to be who you are. As my husband says, Be Yourself, Everyone is taken.


I was intorduced to this band when I lived in South Carolina. Living in South Carolina was a lesson in finding yourself. Columbia had some great things to offer but it seemed most of the people I met there were in-genuine. I do not mean to offend anyone but that was my experience. These two songs are some of my favorites and the last one really helped me through a dark time.

“If I am lost it’s only for a little while.” Those are great words.

To this day, One of my favorite bands. For their honesty an words that we can all relate to. Vigilanties of Love have been a strong influence in my life. One of the earliest concerts I ever saw. I think I was 9.

“Sometimes you can’t please everyone, Sonmetimes you can’t please anyone at all. Sow your heart onto your sleeve and wait for the axe to fall”

Ok this next lady made me wat to be a better singer. i have always sang. I grew up in  very musical family where literally EVERYONE sings. No joke. We all sing and play an instrument. Yet another band from my youth but I would not be true to myself without posting them. Over The Rhine. This is the song that made me listen.

And my girl Neko one more time


Allright. For tonight that’s it. Too much night, too much tiome on my hands:) Good night folks.


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