A music post

This is purely music. I sat down to write something ( I feel like since my man is out of town, I have been doing this more to fill the silence), and nothing came or what came was too cheesy or cliche’ so…I decided i would play guitar and I am going to. i need to clean up a few songs and work on some other stuff but before I do, here are some bands that influence me.

Heart: I fucking love Heart. You don’t? Well fuck you. This isn’;t a blog about what you like, remember? Yeah ok. So here is a video and of course you guessed it, Barracuda!

And they STILL have it.

Neko Case. She is my lady. She gots the blues and aint afraid to fuckin show it. She puts her ass behind it and really, that’s what I lookfor in a person. If you put your ass behind your work, you got my respect. There’s a lot of half-assers out there. So here is my country gal.

Alright. I am not a huge Jefferson Airplane fan but these two songs they did right. Most of the women musicians I post have one thing in common, effortless gorgeous strong voices. Grace slick is no different. And if you think “Somebody to Love” is a love song, let me tell you as Tina says, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

Teal and Gold Flecked lynolium. That’s all I’m saying.

Onward we go. I am going to post my manly influences too but got to get my girls out first.

Jenny Lewis- Don’t let her angelic voice she uses with the Watson Twins fool you. Google her, youtube her, she has soul. I love her honesty. I want honesty from everyone. In the words of Nebula (post in a bit) “All the things that you will do, they’re positive If you’re livin true” Listening to her definately spures me on. I love it when people aren’t afraid to offend and are just living true to who they are.Thank-you Jenny!

One of my earliest influences as far as thwe acoustic rock went was Kasey Chambers. I love this song because it talks about trains. I love Trains. When I was a kid my dad worked in a rescue mission and I met many a hobo. Many who probably were scetchy as hell but were always kind to me. So to Midwest John, Chief, New York Ronnie and Coaltrain, this is for you. you have stayed in my heart.

Patty Griffin. Yes I know I have listed a lot of folk chicks but this song in particular gets me everytime. It rem inds me of driving with my sis-in-law at age 16 going to disneyworld, grant it the song lyrics has nothing to do with our experinec. We were going to Disney world for fucks sake! It was a blast. Thank you Kelli.

And this song and band just purely makes me feel like a bad ass. Thank you runaways for breaking the mold and daring to be “dirty”.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!

Ok, now I have to give it to Girl School. They hung with Motorhead and that’s pretty heavy@!

Sahara Hotnights. You make me want to break a window or three. Fuck yeah.

My daughter LOVES The Donna’s and i listen to themso frequently that it couldn’t be helped. They are an influence, just as my daughter is to me. So Miss Ayin Hattie Belle Wren this is somehwt for you but mostkly for your dad. the subject matter well it’s not what I told you it was about. They aren’t swimming.

Yeah on the floor.

Okay moving on.

Back to Folk shit.

Gillian Welch. I love you lady. You remind me of being a child at my Grandpas farm. My Grandpa and Grandma Cherrington played music together. Usually of the old folk/country/gospel type. And Gillian WElch reminds me of that.

Fuckin’ A.

Now to men.

16 Horsepower again reminds me of my grandparents though it is vastly different in many areas it carries a familiar memory. This one in particular was sung by my Grandpa.

Larry Keel and the Natural Bridge is a band I had the pleasure of seeing when I lived in Virginia for about 9 months. The lyrics to this song are amazing. There is a much cleaner version of this on their myspace.

Okay lastly in the foly side of shit is Ben Nichols who is also the lead singer of Lucero. He has soul, like Neko Case he speaks to me. I love his lyrics, they are honest and the man can tall a fuckin story. He put “Blood Meridian” (a book) to music. He captures the feelingh evry western with a good story leaves you with. It’s a misx of sad and happy all at the same time.

Okay moving onto Rock and or Roll. Hell yeah. Folk music speaks to my soul but Rock n’ roll it has my whole body. So lets move it on ladies and gents.

Motorhead. I don;t think I need to say more. I Heart Lemme. Plus you know, they among other bands have been labeled as not being positive, being all about death etc but in reality if you listen to the lyrics, there is a very positive message to be heard. They are just brutaly honest and if you are the kind of person who needs a pat on the ass then well I guess you would view its as negative.

MC Fuckin 5. I wrote an article with the title of this song. I love the MC5. I love everything about them. i think Kramer’s an asshole but then who doesn’t? Again Honesty is the key.

Rolling Stones. This song reveals the darkness and i love it. We are connected by all the similar feelings and experiences. We can be from totally different backgrounds and be able to relate to the basic human ways.

Another Rolling Stones that encourages me not to be a “Mother’s Helper” Mom.

The Resinators. my friends. My Friends. They rock and I love them. A lot! Seeing them rock out makes me happy and releases the stress. Fuck yeah! THIS IS ROCK N” ROLL!

flying “V” ! i love the flying ‘V’.

Ok so onward yet again, Are you awake? Here is something to rock you.

I love the cynics. I have a t-shirt that has their name and a tamborine and the slogan “Living Is The Best Revenge” and indeed it is. Live that life!!!!

Ghetto Ways! I love you and you make me want to let it loose and dance.


Okay, why have I not posted this yet? I know EVERYONE loves the Ramones but they truly do rock. So I have to post. They, plus The Clash were my first experience in “punk” bands. Today, in my opinion, “punk” is unrecognizable. This is the First song i ever heard by the Ramones.

Ok Two more “punk” bands. One is The Cramps. I love them. the preformance art and fun. Wished I had seen them live butr I was too busy being a bitch,

And one of my favorites, X. One of my heros too. Exene Cervenka. Thisw by far one of my favorite songs and it changed my life,

Okay almost last…The Byrds… and 13 Fkoor Elevators. Not much needed to say here. Just awesome folks doing awesome music.

and….rocky Ericson…

And another by X.

I AM a Hungry Wolf and right now I need pizza…and my man…but he’s in Illinois. Bummer.

And that’s how I( am going to leave it. Hungry. I am sure in the morning I will be like” oh shit I forgot….” but right now I don’t care.

And neither does Beam Black.


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