Eagle Egg Powers

Good morning. Have you eaten yet? Have you had your morning coffee or tea? have you injested your sons snot? I have. Yeah it was a little token of his love. Don’t ask how just know it happened.

So I am currently eating oatmeal, drinking coffee and watch Nacho Libre for the zillionth time because my 2 1/2 year old son loves it. He has to have his purple blanket on to watch it so he can do the eagle egg dance and summon his eagle powers.

This movie oddly brings me to my next subject and that is my love for the spanish culture. I love them. I don’t mean Spain, though I am sure they are kick ass too, I mean Mexico-Spanish. I have only had one experience actually surrounded by this culture and that was when I was 12. The closest I have come is Juarez New Mexico. I slept at an orphanage there and helped paint and do some other things around the property. I also played basketball with some kids too. I was 12 I think. It was very cold at night and the little heaters didn’t warm properly. Cement floors and walls. But the colors and the smiling faces bring me a lot of happiness. I think they have things more in balance when it come to living life and when it comes to death for that matter. Their life seems more about celebration and living life instead of deadlines and duties. I am sure I glorify it in my mind, but still even in that orphanage everyone seemed happy to be there, the staff and the children. In American standards the place would have been shut down because it didn’t have the right floors or the right sinks etc., but there it was doing what some orphanages here fail to do, and that is provide a loving atmosphere.

I would like to go back and I would like to actually go into Mexico this time. I miss traveling and experiencing life through other peoples eyes. It is enlightening and it has been one of the most influential things in my life. The traveling I have done has pushed me to think outside the box.

Next time perhaps I will blog on my experience in thailand, also at an orphanage and in other parts.

Right now I have to get off and see to my son who is sick this morning, snot strings are going from one ear to the next. Fun times, fun times. I need to summon my eagle powers for the day. Caw! or Squak! Or whatever the fuck they say.


7 thoughts on “Eagle Egg Powers

  1. I have been to Mexico a few times, 5 I think. Each time I spent 10 days doing Bible school w the kids, some mentally disabled, and even a few parents. And I’m not talking the Americanized border towns but the very centra most state of Guanajuato. And every single time it was amazing. While they do have a strange fascination w death, skulls, skeletons, and mummies, they LOVE life! They celebrate everything to the max! Sometimes for no reason at all!
    So, I’m w you on the love for Spanish-Mexican culture. I’m in love w the people, the architecture and of course the food. They always made me feel at home, and when I left each time, I really felt like I was leaving home. 🙂

    • Way to go! This is the real creative Maggie writing from the heart! I love it. .. and I love you. Grandma S.

  2. ooo then you will love me. I am Mexican! Bask in my Mexicaness.
    JK I am to Americanized!
    But I totally know what you mean. I have only been to Juarez Mexico.
    Now parts of Mexico is not so safe.
    Why were you at the orphanages?

    • I knew I liked you for a reason! Now I know why! You are a mexican!!

      Back before I was a foul mouthed momma, I used to do a lot of volunteer stuff with various religious groups. This enabled me to travel cheaply and have amazing experiences that changed me forever. Now I think I may be too un-religious for any to accept my volunteer help. Plus I am too jaded. But i would love to go back. I really feed off of learning and experiencing other cultures. Life is about this i think. We learn and grow from one another and hopefully don’t turn out to be bastards and bitches along the way. Plus we learn to have fun from each other. By the way your sisters party bus idea, i’m totally stealing it.

  3. I worked with a lot of families of Hispanic descent when I did Early Intervention case management in the suburbs and I definitely hold a lot of love and respect for their culture. I’m sure it is a fearsome thing to behold when in the actual setting of Mexico vs. in the suburbs. But I’m so amazed by their level of commitment to family and I completely agree that there is a celebratory aspect to life that I think is often missing in the more “American” way of doing things.

  4. Ewwwww about the snot thing. Thanks for grossing me out.

    I’ve traveled to various cities/towns in Mexico and all I can say is some places are just breath taking and the people there are mostly always nice.
    I did a lot of partying/clubbing in Mexico very easy to get into clubs at a young age.

    • Yes, I have heard this. One of my friends spent some time in Mexico at a very young age and said the same thing. You must feel like you are getting away with murder in Mexico when you go clubbing at a young age. I knwo I did when I was young living here in New Orleans.

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