Monday came on a Tuesday.

Well today is a “that day”. I am glad to read that some of my other fellow bloggers are also having “that day”. Does that mean I am happy their day is kinda shitty for no apparent reason? I hope not and that is certainly not what I mean. You see that though? Normally I would have answered that question with a sarcastic ‘Yes!”.

Things are annoying me today. I have no patience. My daughter and her slow boat to china mentality today is driving me batty. I love her, God knows i do but some days (honesty alert!) but i want to smack her upside the head. I have to remind myself that the only thing that separates me from the monkeys is the choice to go against what seems natural. Right now slapping someone seems natural. My daughter is perhaps  not the best choice. Now the ATT representative that takes down my email address that so happens to have the word suicide in it and who treats me like a jumper, well now she, yes she would be a good choice. If I’m not suicidal before I got on the phone, I am certainly reviewing my options by the time I get off the phone. Their slogan should be, “ATT: Reacquainting people with the option of suicide”

Okay so bitching aside and looking at the positive and the rest of my day, here’s what I had for lunch. I had oatmeal because I needed some comfort food after work this morning and then I had marinated olives with bread. Not necessarily  a match made in heaven but delicious. Also I do not know the names of the olives. One was giant and green and the other I think may have been kalamata but then again it could have been something else. My knowledge of olive names only goes as far as black and green.

Sticking with the positive plan and the idea that griping gets you nowhere, onward we go. I watched a show that was recommended to me by my brother. It is called “Three Sheets”. Brilliant! This guys has the best job ever. He gets payed to go to other cities, towns and countries and get happy with the local brew. Love it. Can’t wait to watch more tonight.

Ok well I guess that’s all I got today folks, sorry for two days of useless posts! I’m blaming it on the weather…or it could be this gas…….


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