The Incredibly Sweet “Sweet” Award…

Well fuck me running! I have received an award! I am not sure I have ever received an award before unless you count blue ribbon at 4H club when i was a nerdy home-school kid with permed hair and teddy bear turtlenecks. Hey , it was hot in the 80’s. That’s why I wore turtlenecks apparently.

Look below at my proudly displayed award and feel terrible about yourself. Kidding but seriously I am fucking stoked!

The Incredibly Sweet Award

Want to know what it stand for? It’s the incredibly sweet award. I am incredibly sweet so fuck off haters! This is proof that I am awesome. Seriously it means a shit ton. Thank you Mrs Marinasleeps for the award. I feel honored.

Ok so like everything in this faschist world there are rules to accepting this amazing award that you did not get. Yes, I’m rubbing it in. Here they are:

1. Display the award

2. Give 5 truths about myself (can i have a dare instead? How bout a streak through the neighborhood?)

3. Then bestow this great honor on 5  folks who blog. Known as bloggers.

Deep breath, ok first things first my nominees are all very amazingly sweet and awesome folks. I admit that I personally know 2 of them and yes I am partial because they are my friends and they have good shit to say and show. So I am paying this little award forward to these 2 ladies and 2 other bloggesses plus one sweet dude. This may not be a little unorthodox because one blog is seriously just pictures but it’s my fucking award so who cares. Here goes:

Apneatic Blog: Why? Because I love her. She is amazingly truthful and honest and that is beautiful. She also has an amazing self made modeling career and she seems very sweet. Don’t know her but enjoy the blog so there it is.

Dingaling: This lady has mad style and I only wish i could pull it off like she does. That bitch. Seriously amazing stuff. She blogs, she sells amazing vintage and altered vintage and she is one of the coolest chicks I know.

Swimming Duck: A seriously sweet (there’s that damn word again) lady who examines all angles of life. She mainly blogs about parenting and has some amazing ideas and if you are a mom trying to get your little brats, ahem, I mean darling children, to behave or just trying to figure out their brain, give her a try. You may not agree with everything but I assure you there is something for you in that blog.

Another Header: The photo’s are sweet, that’s what I gotta say. I love traveling and when I can’t travel I look to this blog to help me through the day.

Drum roll please….last and not least…

All I know is this: I enjoy her. She blogs about real shit like kids and family and daily stuff. I love that she dedicated a blog to being bored and what she found on line while being bored.

So there you have it. These are blogs I follow and enjoy. I need to find more because when I received the award I immediately had an “oh shit” moment. I thought “do I read enough blogs to bestow this sweet honor on other sweet people?” Turns out I do.

Also once again props to Marina sleeps. Bitch is awesome (and deserves another “sweet’ award). And now for the fugly truth.

1. Let’s see. Ok so we are staring with favorite colors. Well I like red and yellow though I rarely wear either. Second to those would be black but they say that isn’t a color, which I think is bogus.

2. I pick up and move every year and half to two years. It’s a disease. I am going through therapy(in my own head) to cure me of this thing.

3. I drive a big black truck. And I like it.

4. Fuck is pretty much my favorite word though i would never say it in front of my grandma. She reads it when she reads my blogs so there is no need to say it.

5. Let’s see something deeper…….I am fascinated by the morbid and unexplained. I believe in hooky spooky stuff and I love animal skulls. I also read tea leaves as a parlor trick.

So there you have it. Completed checklist. I am sweet, very incredibly sweet. Fucking right!


6 thoughts on “The Incredibly Sweet “Sweet” Award…

  1. Congrats on your award! Now…… jeez! All this peer pressure, what am I to do?
    I don’t know what to say
    Mumble…mumble…. mumble….mumble
    (Cough caugh) uhmmm… Mummble
    Thanks for the award. 😀

  2. I’m very excited and giddy about my award. And I’m thankful that I recently updated my layout on my blog! I’m working on figuring out my awards now!

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