I got nothin’

I really have nothing to say this morning. My mind is race- race-racing with thoughts of to do’s and impending choices to be made and life to be lived for the day. I guess this is all very good but seeing as my kids are otherwise occupied, I would love to have something good to write right now. So you are stuck with this shit.

I made oatmeal muffins that blew up in the oven, they aren’t pretty but they are delicious. I added too much baking powder, oops.

And again, I am brought back to saying, I got nothin so I will end this worthless post by leaving you a song. At least then maybe, if you like it, you will feel like you didn’t waste 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back.


4 thoughts on “I got nothin’

  1. Well, I will comment on your nothingness so that you will feel like you didn’t waste your time! This is the reason I struggle with blogging. Either I have five million thoughts toppled one on another struggling to get out, which results in a rambly overly wordy blog or I have nothing and try to create something from nothing and that doesn’t get very far.

    But at least you have some good oatmeal muffins today, even if they were a little on the explody side!

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