Finally…putting pee in the potty

My son finally decided he was ready to start potty training. Despite all my effort and convincing that he should try this new and wonderful invention, he has refused. Plus he finds playing with his penis very fascinating since potty time is one of the only times he gets to see it. I can see the wheels turn while he sits there looking down between his legs, ” What is this stretchy thing? Look I can stretch it past my knees!” It’s kinda weird how amazed little boys are by their own “man junk”.

So like I said Odin has begn the process. Oddly he started it while we were out shopping. Every store went in he insisted on using the potty and so we did. Every time he went ! I was super amazed. I felt like I had the most talented boy in the universe! I was sure no one else’s boy could pee as well as mine. I must have sounded psycho from the other side of the bathroom stall, giving high fives and “woo-hoo’s!” to Odin. But like I said he is a super talented Pee pointer.

Afgter all that success we went and bought him a dinosaur as a little push to keep peeing. Since we have been home though, he gets it but not as much. Maybe he is holding out for more dinosars. I am certain though that it will take.

On other notes: I am finally fee of that whore they call ATT. I bought out and now (or soon will be) the proud owner of a no contract virgin phone and a Vonage home service. Pretty excited about not giving my money to ATT. Well they still get my internet monies but that’s 20 bucks versus the 130 a month I was paying in cell bills. Also even with a home service and my 2 new cells, I am saving 50 bucks a month. Haha! Fuck you ATT!!!!!

This Maggie, mother of the extraordinary potty professor signing off.


10 thoughts on “Finally…putting pee in the potty

    • Girl, it was like magic. He just got it finally. I took him to the bathroom and sat him on the potty and told him to pee, as long as he sat there a little bit I praised him and then if he ever went pee I whooped it up. But he honestly didn’t show any real signs of wanting to do it until yesterday. I trained him to sit like a girl to pee, when he’s older my husband can teach him to stand or he can continue to sit, at least the pee is going in the potty. Oh and he is 2. He’ll be 3 in July. Everybody I know says boys are harder to train and they train later then girls. I wish you luck, but I swear it was magic because he took the final initiative.

  1. Oliver has been onthe roller coaster of potty training for a while now. He gets so excited that he gets to wear underwear and tells everyone wherever we go that he is wearing them. I sometimes wish I could shout to to random ppl. about the status of my undies.

  2. Ooh. You’re getting Vonage too??? Does this mean we’ll get to have more chats now? :0 I’m very excited for you. Vonage + Virgin mobile has been an awesome combo for us. I hope it works well for you.

    Okay. I guess I’ll comment on the actual subject of the post. lol. Woo hoo Odin. That’s awesome – way to go little man! And smart man to do it in public where he’s more likely to get a take home reward! 😀

    It is so crazy how they can not get it and then one day it just clicks. I hope he continues on the potty path!

      • Hurray! I’ve so missed our chats! Did you know that hubby claims that I launch into a different mode of communicating when I’m on the phone with you. He says that my style of talking, language, everything basically is different and I’m giddier and sillier apparently. lol…I wonder if this has to do with talking with friends made later in life vs. reverting to childhood when I chat with you!

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