Tattoos Are Cool!(A thought on common decency in a high school world)

The problem with writing every day when you are me is that you only have a scheduled amount of time to do so. It happens to be in the morning while the kids are eating, before school. I of course have been up about an hour at this point and everything I thought of as “blog-worthy” has flown away in my dreams while I slept. But in an effort to keep up with my commitment, here I am blogging with not a clue what to blog about.

So what do you blog about when you can’t think of anything? Douchebags, that’s what. They seem to be every where today and ladies I’m not talking our femine wash kits, I’m talking people.

We have all met one. Okay we have all met at least a hundred. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that guy at the bar, coffee shop, on that blog, in that PT meeting or at work. They go around like the cock of the walk, like they have all the answers (well I DO have all the answers, my hip crowd told me so).. And it’s really annoying because really what they are displaying is a want to belong or be better which means they feel insecure. Who doesn’t though? You want insecure? Push out two kids, accept that your stomach looks like a roadmap and then get into a two piece. Yeah that’s me. But you know what? I don’t care. Life happens. And it i also true that some people are just assholes. Is it possible we breed this with all our idolizing of celebrities or what’s ‘it’ right now ? I think it is.

I have used the tattoo business before as an example and I am about to do it again. Before I do though let me make it clear. Even though i have met some of the biggest douches in this business, I have also met three of the greatest people I know. And that’s not kissin ass, these people are genuine and true people, and they are real tattooers, not art fags. They are my friends Ed and Hawk and my sexy manly beast of a husband, Dale.

Ok that being said onward I go. I remember seeing “Inked” on t.v. Soon after “Miami Ink” followed with Kat Von D leaving and making” L.A. Ink” (the t.v. show names were so creative weren’t they?). Then I noticed one show made in England and after that I lost track and really didn’t care. Then there was this explosion of tattoo shops opening, many with people who didn’t have any training or they thought that it should be handed to you on a silver platter. An apprenticeship used to be a mandatory thing and now if they have one it is likely it is not long enough nor thorough enough ( despite what folks think there is more to it then just picking up a tattoo MACHINE, and just because you went to art school doesn’t mean you are a good tattoooer, sorry side note.)  All of a sudden you have people, young adults, getting sleeved out and it seems that as soon as they get tattooed they also become a bitch. Why is that? If you don’t have the “right” tattoos or you didn’t go to fucking Kat Von D or a premier shop then you are trash. Wow, really? Are we on the high school playing field now?

I love tattoos, I have tattoos but why take on this high school mentality? I have to wonder too, how many people will regret their decisions because they got lost in a fad. Right now it’s oh so awesome to be tattooed. If I could, I would wear long sleeves all the time because I am tired of people touching me because I’m tattooed. Number one it’s fucking creepy and number too, how about some personal space? People want to talk to me BECAUSE I’m tattooed and yes I get that you do something that seems out of the ordinary you will draw attention to yourself, but does that mean we lose human decency? Also with so many people sporting tattoos, it’s really not so out of the ordinary anymore. In fact, it’s as common as a cold.

I am a sarcastic person, I curse a lot, I raise my kids with an iron fist,  but I  always try to treat people with a common decency. Unless, they treat me or people around me otherwise, then fuck em. I guess I don’t get this race to be in the cool crowd. It’s enough we live through it in school, do we honestly have to take it into our adult lives? This race to the best or most popular is ever so present in todays society. Maybe it has always been that way and because I am just now at that 30  something stage and hopefully maturing, I am seeing it for the first time. We all get lost and have to find ourselves in our young adult years, I really believe this, but should we throw out how we treat each other in mean time?

Tattoo culture is an easy target for me because by default I am apart of it. I hate saying that because What I view as tattoo culture and what the world sees are two very different beasts. The tattoo culture I love has no bells or whistles, it doesn’t care about trends are whether or not you have tattoos, it just is. It’s what we do and love but we don’t treat decent people badly. If you come to our shop and want a butterfly, by god that’s what you will get not some artsy fartsy version of a lady standing in a field of flowers with the wind blowing that you didn’t want, because that’s the cool tattoo of the week.

I am not getting on the “hip train” as VOL puts it. I don’t have time to be a jack ass. I got life to live and friends and family  to share it with.  Real friends to share it with, not some crowd I took up with because it was cool.

Leaving you with a song from Vigilantes of Love. I like their music, you may not but the words of the song are awesome.


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