I’m a Cherokee Princess (a sarcastic post)

Did you know? I’m a Cherokee princess. And I am also Welsh, English, German, Jewish and let’s see here, how about a dash of Irish for good luck. Which brings me to St. Patricks Day. I am all about celebrating your heritage. I get that and you should. Different cultures and respect of them is what makes up this beautiful country. However I did not come over from Ireland. Or england. Or Spain. Or France. Or Africa or even Mexico. I was born here and my parents are runts. I find it hilarious (and fun) that all us Americans who do not come from generations of one culture, try to identify our selves with some long lost heritage. Yes I can look back and appreciate it and study and think how great it is but in reality I am not apart of that culture at all. I am a part of American Culture whether I want to admit or not. The above cultures that I spouted as being my heritage are indeed my heritage (minus cherokee princess). That being said, I respect them but would never say I am jewish or irish, etc. Why? Because I’m not. I am Maggie of the United States. I love celebrating other cultures, good food and booze, why the hell not? You can look at some of my friends and it’s obvious they are Puerto Rican or African American. People don’t look at me and say “You must be German”. They look at me and say “Wow You’re white, I mean pale, do you feel ok? Do yo need to sit down?” Number one, you never point out someones ethnicity to them, it’s stupid.  Number two, if someone is very white, do not automatically assume they are not feeling well. This is also stupid.  Back to the point though and that is if it’s not very obvious that you are from the ethnicity you tout or your “irish” blood line is now a calico mix of other cultures(by this I mean more than 2), then be happy to join in the celebrations of cultures but don’t say you are Swedish if you are really from the broncs. Ok, just sayin.

Another note, War. Wow so we are in another war. Why don’t we just take on  the whole world and get it over with? Then we can prove to people we are ninja ass kickers and everyone will be like “whoa! Don’t mess with the U.S.!” Seriously why is it we have to get involved? Oh and our economy, what will happen there? Yeah the president sure is thinking of us right now. Thanks Obamalamadingdong.


3 thoughts on “I’m a Cherokee Princess (a sarcastic post)

  1. Nice, That was a great article I admit I am guilty of this myself but now I will be more cautious. Well done.

    PS love you contrasting colors white on green, i’m still reading your article behind my eyelids. LOL.

    • I think we all are guilty of this. I know I used to tout my heritage around like a badge of honor but then one day I was like, “Wait I have so many cultures combined in me, how could I possibly be just one?” I think you should be proud that yo come from o many awesome cultures but not try to relate to just one, when to know it truly, you have to be in it and apart of it.

  2. Someone needs to tell this to grandma…lol…when you’re in that age group I think you’re just allowed to be eccentric and tout an ethnicity that looks nothing like you! You know, I keep thinking I *should* research my heritage more because I’m not 100% sure what’s all mixed in, but I’ve never really felt that compelled to do it. I’ve always felt a bit guilty as though I should care. But I kind of feel like when you’re a mutt no one heritage is going to be nearly as significant as the culture you’ve grown up in. So as much as America pisses me off with all of it’s consumerist, egocentric, let’s police the world sort of ways, I know that I am American above all things.

    Love your word for Obama by the way. Yeah – I’m pretty pissed about this whole Libya thing, but I won’t go on about that. I’ll head over to Tom’s post and do some bitching there!

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