Pilates in a Bathroom

In my goal to write every day, exercise every day and be a general wonder woman, her I am doing what I said I would do. Imagine that. Follow through.

So, yesterday as I was running around getting things done I realized I would have no time to exercise. Then I realized there is just enough room in my bathroom to pull my yoga mat in front of the bathtub while my son Odin bathed. It was a win, win situation.  Since I have a cold, there would be no downward facing dog or plank position as those killed my head, so Pilates it was.  I did it, yes maybe not where I wanted to do it or in the desired room but I completed my exercise regime and it felt good.

I guess the lesson here is there is opportunity if you look for it or you can make your own opportunity and it doesn’t have to be to your exact specifications. Today I am going to look for more opportunities that I might be shielding from my view because of my lack of creativity or stubbornness for it to be a certain way.

And thank god I clean my bathroom every day.


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