A blog about…..something

My goal is to try and write in this blog once a day. I have issues committing to things. Anything. Oh yes, I am commited to my marriage, my children and making sure they get a good education and lastly my friends. However, when it comes to anything else like what i want to do with my life aside from the three things I mentioned above I can tell you that I am not committed. I have loads of interests, one of which is being demonstarted here. I love writing, can I commit to it? Eh….I don’t know. By now and from my own mouth in the last 5 years i should have been a tea shop owner, a blacksmith or metal worker, a tattooer (notice i did not say tattoo artist), a massage therapist, a children’s book writer (which i have written 2, but they are yet to see any light) and I am sure if you ask any of my friends they could name a few others. It comes down to committing. I can use the excuse of “I am just so interested in too many things that I wouldn’t be happy doing one”. That would be true but it would also be a crutch. And it has been for too long.

So I have a plan.

One is to start writing once a day in this here blog. Which means (and I’m sorry to say) you will have to chew your way through some really, really shitty writing. But, as Anne Lamott would say, and not in these exact words, before there were great books there were “shitty first drafts”.  Each bad sentence eventually leads to a work of art, somehwere, down the road, hopefully not 50 years from now.

Also I will be completing all the books that I bought when I thought “Oh I would love to do that!” This will be no easy nor small feat. I have a stack. Ask my husband. He reminds me that they are still on the book shelf, each having 2-3 chapters read and now sadly collecting dust . If they had eyes, they would be crying.

Thirdly and probably finally, though I can’t be sure, there may be a few more things to add once I start out, I plan on working out on a regulare basis. I am going to start three days a week. I used to be an avid dancer and yoga lover. I still love both but dancing is no longer my thing, though I do enjoy cutting a rug still and Yoga, well, I’m lazy and I hate hippies. Thus why I could never live in California or Seattle ( no offense to my west coast buddies, I am sure there are plenty of reasons you don’t want to live here in Nola and i could help you by naming a few, but I try to remain positive). So what does that hippy rant have to do with Yoga? Well do you really need to ask? Close your eyes and think of your aura, now what color is it? Imagine it warming you all over. Yeah, get the point? I hope so, if not you’re a hippy and there is no cure. I’m sorry.

So that’s the plan. That IS the plan. Oh and I am also going to start eating right again, though my body (not me you understand) will miss those peanut butter cups and M&M’s and Baby Ruth’s and Hubig’s Pies.

My body is such a bitch.



One thought on “A blog about…..something

  1. Hip Hip Hooray you are forcing yourself to be back! I love it!
    If it makes you feel better, half of writing is pure bullshit. Sorry my blog does not come with a built in bullshit filter!

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