You can take the girl out of Illinois but…..

You know the rest.

I woke up this morning missing Illinois and all my friends and family there. I love New Orleans but I have my days when I see myself in Illinois, and New Orleans even with all it’s southern beauty could not keep me here on a day like this if I had the time to go up north. I miss driving and seeing cornfields. Yes, cornfields. I love seeing them. My memories of running through them as a kid brings me the warm fuzzies.

I’m a long way from that little girl but I have made some of the best friends along the way in that state. In fact most of the friends I treasure live or are from Illinois (some are from the midwest in general). I know some people would say “how can you even compare Nola to Illinois?” but truthfully I miss it. The town I grew up in is the same today as it was 20 years ago and I take comfort in that. The old architecture and all the trains that make you late on a daily basis become a good memory as you are away from your home and roots.

I used to hate Galesburg but I was young and listened too much to others opinions and allowed those opinions to be my own, a common thing to do as a kid. But now I’m older and I have my own opinions and when I am talking out of my ass, my Illinois friends remind me that I am. A few years back I was at a friends house in Kankakee I believe and the New Orleans Saints were playing the Bears and I was all New Orleans pride. My dear friend Ed turned to me and said “remember you are from Illinois first”. Well I’ll be fucked three ways from Sunday, he was right! I have taken a few steps back to look at what I have taken for granted, that was Illinois and what she offered me. All my good childhood memories are there, all my good friends are from there( with exception to a few), my support system is there.

So here’s to first homes, may we never forget them, may we take them with us no matter where we are and may we love them and all they have given us and taught us. And here’s to Ed, my good friend who with a small comment changed my veiw and reminded me of who I was, an Illinois girl at heart.


6 thoughts on “You can take the girl out of Illinois but…..

  1. I’m all for you driving up here today. How long of a drive is it? You could be here in no time. Bring some french toast with you! 😛

    I had to chuckle and wonder if I was one of the friends spreading my “Burg contempt”. Hell, I still complain a lot about the Burg! But it is important to find the things that one can appreciate and hang onto those. Your post is a reminder to do just that. Well-spoken and heartfelt post – as always!

    • I wish i could! And no I think I was peaking more for my own minds voice and the way I veiwed things even a few years back. Everyone gets frustrated with Galesburg but it is such a lovely place, it just took me moving away from it 3 times to figure it out!

  2. When I think of people from the Midwest I think of folks saying what they mean. I’m not saying no one is passive aggressive in the Midwest, but in general I knew exactly where I stood with people. I love that.

  3. Thank you for the blog. I’m so happy you are writing again because that is one of your gifts. It came from within my little girl, Maggie, with openness and who you were and are. Often when we mature, we wear a mask. We pretend we are what we think people expect us to be… until we forget who we are. I’ve found pursuing the inward heart values and unique gifts the Lord placed within each of us is the only path to fulfillment. It gives me great joy to know you are journeying in that direction. My prayer is that our Lord will bless you abundantly. Grandma Seibert
    P.S. – I need to share something Cheryl and Beth told me they missed about Illinois….
    but no time now.

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