You Gotta a Friend (Q cheezy song)

Ah the good ol’ days of sleepovers and giggling and being loud when you think you are being quiet.

I fell asleep and woke up to a 9, soon to be 10, year old girl. She giggles and squeeks and drives me up the wall batty. BUT, I love her and she is so much like I was as a young girl, only she is much more hard headed. God help me.

Watching my daughter and her cousin play and laugh and dance and sing brings back memories of myself and my partner in mischief, my own cousin Crystal. We were like pees in a pod and equally as loud and crazy as my little girl and her partner in crime. My poor aunt and uncles house survived the wreckage we brought upon it. Railings, shower curtains, closets and make up were ruined and broken. At my house I don’t remember anything broken but a continuous trail of messiness followed behind us like pigpens dirt cloud. Popcorn was found everywhere as were tea sets, we thought it was fun to have tea, lots of tea. My mothers kitchen  counters never new cleanliness when we were around.

Together she and I smoked, almost got busted and swiftly saved ourselves thanks to a nice big winter coat. I almost crashed her car (hey I couldn’t drive and in my defense she gave me the wheel)….into a gas pump. We always had fun, except when we were fighting, and that only ever lasted a few minutes. We were both hard headed and over confident about our opinions that often held no water. We were like animals, cute pigtailed animals. Thinking back  and watching the girls, it is easy to comprehend “Lord of The Flies” as being something that could totally happen. Kids are primal, more so than adults. Given the chance they would eat you.

When I was 12 I moved away but in the summers we would visit home in galesburg Illinois. We were able to keep our friendship going and though we didn’t experience some of our firsts together, we remained close until today.

Now, we are both married and have children. We have pissed each other off through the years(one that is refereed to by me as “the great book incident of ’06 or 07”  Ha ha) but we have also helped one another too. and we continue to laugh at each other over the phone when we talk. We also made up a rap about our friendship when we were 8 or so, which i will spare you of hearing (thank god right?). Maybe Hattie and Lilli will have their own.

Watching my little girl and her cousin play, brings me back. It is familiar and so exciting to see where their friendship will go. Friendships when you are young are the best. There are no silly notions of hurting the other persons feeling or sparing them yours, it is honest always. I have been lucky to carry many of my childhood friends into my adult life. Again (as stated in an earlier blog) I feel privileged to have them in my life.

I feel kind of old reminiscing like this but oh-well. As a parting thought let me leave you the conversation just overheard:

Hattie: I farted

Lilli: ew!

Hattie: I’m kidding but I’m about to drop a bomb.

Giggling ensues.




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