Getting Along On Facebook

Why can’t we all just get along?

It’s a simple question with various different ideas and view points as to the why of it all. I became quite disgruntled today when I read someones comment on my nephews Facebook page. He was simply stating what he thought about something, he wasn’t even overboard on his thoughts on it.

He posted and I quote, “Some people use the whole “the body is a temple” as a way to say tattooing and piercing is wrong. I think some people just like to decorate their temples.” Simple to the point comment.

Well, as usual there is always a hater out there somewhere and i don’t mean tattoos, just people who have to air their opinion on what you do or think just so they can be right. There was a lady like that on his page who commented using the most popular Levitical law quote.

Now this is not about tattoos just to be clear. This is about the respect of others opinions even if they don’t echo your own. The world is much brighter with varrying opinions out there and if you take the time to listen to them you might learn something. People are going to think differently than you and i understand when it comes to religion it gets really, really sticky but we have to let people be who they are and if you can’t do that then just keep your mouth shut.

It is ridiculous to me that as a so called “advanced” culture, planet and people that we still haven’t figured out how to just get along and not impose our views or thoughts on those who don’t ask for it. The old adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” comes to mind, perhaps we all could apply a thick coat of that in our lives. I speak to myself as well.

I know at least on Facebook, there is room for improvement.


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