I love convenience, I hate convenience


This world is stressful. Everything is made for convenience from our food preparations to our cell phones. When something happens to interrupt it, in our convenience driven minds, the world stops. We get stressed out. I have learned to live without a lot of these conveniences. A microwave for starters. I haven’t owned one in about 6 years. All this means is I have to use (o horrors of horrors!) the oven. I have to wait the 30-45 minutes to warm something up if i want it. This gives me the appropriate amount of time to regret the decision  and then talk myself back into eating the food being warmed by my oven(usually something sweet). It takes longer and seems inconvenient but hey, if i didn’t have to build the fire than I would say it’s pretty efficient.

I hate cell phones.

Cell phones are the cream of the crop when it comes to convenience. We can have everything on a cell phone today, T.v. , internet, chat, day timers, camera’s, music, we can even hold meetings from a phone. Oh yeah and we can talk to people too. Out of all those things, the one extra that seems really ridiculous is the T.V.  Do we need to watch Grey’s Anatomy or Weeds while at work or in the car? I can see in a waiting room at the doctors office but then you could always bring a book or read some of the magazine there. Also to pay extra for visual stimulation the size of lego men on my screen seems silly to me. I prefer to see what I am watching and not have to squint. But I guess all those features are more for the techno nerd, which is fine. They can have em. But again, we have found a way to put all these “needs” in one small handheld device to take with us everywhere we go. No wonder we are socially inept vacant people. We become so dependent on being able to get directions from our phone, being able to send a quick text to someone, to be able to watch the game from work that when we no longer have it our lives seem oddly empty and we have to do things the old fashioned way. My computer was on the fritz for about a week or two and at first it was hard to get used to not having it. I am ashamed to admit that I rely too heavily on my laptop, so much so it took me two days to acclimate. Folks you should not have to acclimate to real life after  living it for 30 years. It should be somewhat routine by now.

When I have free time it can be easier just to sit on my ass and find something good to watch on the internet (we haven’t had t.v. since everything was converted to digital) or to comment on my friends posts on the old Facebook. It takes far too much effort to write or draw or sew the mountain of clothes I have to alter. I find turning pages to be tiring and writing cramps my hand as does drawing. I’m never happy with my end result so why try anymore anyways. Oh and sewing, well my machine weighs 50 pounds and I have to pull it out of the closet. I might hurt my back. The excuses are easy to come up with. You can use mine or make up your own.

Me and T.V., We Are Like This (fingers crossed)

Now all this technological condemnation comes from a very honest place inside me but also in this place is my love for entertainment. I  LOVE TV!!! I LOVE MOVIES!! I LOVE THE INTERNET!!! (i still hate cell phones) I spend way too much time around these things. I try to confine my tv to at night and the internet to a couple times a day unless I am researching something.  Balance and moderation.

I love technology like the next person, but I want it to be IN my life not running it. After all I didn’t own a computer or cell phone until I was 24. In six short years I have become a master in cell phone tech and the internet is my BFF.  I want to have a healthy relationship with this modern world.

And yes, I find it funny and ironic that I am writing from a modern convenience about the evils of todays technology. I justify this by……drinking.


2 thoughts on “I love convenience, I hate convenience

  1. totally all true except your sewing maching does not weigh 50 pounds, 25 maybe that feels like 50 when you add the tasks at hand to it. Love your writing and you express my feelings so well. The question remains…what can we do about it? Be discerning I guess. I hate that word.

  2. me too….we don’t have ‘tv’ (in quotes because i have a television on which to watch movies.) which i like to pat myself on the back about, but then i watch stuff with ads on the internet.

    sometimes i think it would be better if i didn’t have internet at the house. then i would have to walk all the way to the coffee shop and then buy something to use the wifi. although YOU might just use the internet as an excuse to drink more coffee in this situation.

    the other day i was looking longingly at smart phones, and had to slap myself out of it.

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