Friends, the glue that keeps my life together.

So it’s been a rather long time since I have written in this blog. Life happens, starts moving faster than you are used to and in ways you never thought of. I needed some time for adjustment and now that I am adjusted, my hope is to begin blogging again.

Over the last few months I have been looking at my life through a microscope. People say it’s your thirties. Supposedly at 30 you start really investing in your interests and trying to be that better person you want to be. Atleast that is the general consensus and it rings true for me.

About 5 years ago I felt really lost and empty. Life had happened so fast and my carefree teenage years and early twenties seemed a long way away and most of it seemed wasted to be honest. I looked at every opputunity I didn’t take and wondered about the end result if I had taken it. I don’t believe in regret, in fact I think it is a big waste of time so I said ‘oh well’ and pushed forward. During this time I took a trip with my long time friend Karen Eland to a wedding for a friend of mine. We traveled from Columbia SC to Pierre SD in about two days, stopping at some of our friends along the way in St. Louis and Omaha. It was a great time of reflection for me. It was positive in that I needed to see what a waste of space I was being and I saw it. Since then I have done nothing but try and correct my immature behavior and become the person I need to be and the person I want to be.

Something that has helped me through all this without their knowing is all my friends. Each one of my friends are actively trying in life. They have been very important in my life. Some of them helped me just by being nice and talking about nothing in particular. Others by their shining example as people and still others by listening to my endless rants about bullshit. I feel very thankful and grateful and privileged to be walking through life with these folks. They are honest ‘tells it like it is’ people. I am closer with some than others and some I don’t know very well at all but they have influenced my life in a way that they may never know.

My hope now is that I can do my friends as proud and be that better person.

Below is a list of folks and friends that have been influential in my life by just being who they are. Being around them makes me a better person. Thanks to everyone of them. If their name is highlighted click on it and you will be taken to their website where they do extraordinary things with their talents. There have been more people in my life who have inspired but these stand out over the last few years.

JimHawk and Ed Young, Frank Cutlass, Brian and Ashley Poskin, Crystal, Amber, Andrea Del Priore, Mike and Terri, Sunshine, Saul and Kelli, My husband Dale, Karen, Malissa Cash, Nichole, Jenny Wren, Jay and Andi Binder, Jasmine, The Wyllies.


One thought on “Friends, the glue that keeps my life together.

  1. What an encouraging blog. It is good for people to know they matter. I feel privileged to be your friend and honored to be your brother! Please know you and your family are dear to me! All my love S.G

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