And so it begins….

NaNoWriMo month has begun. I have 30 days to write 50,000 words.  Now I know every great writer has a vague sense of what they are writing about when they start a book, they may even know who the charcaters are, again in a vague sense. I believe much of a character is formed as you write. You discover hidden truths about them along the road and some of them you may know quite intimately. Anywho, I wander away….. All this said, you have to pick a category on the nanowrimo site that your book will fit in. I have only a vague sense of what my book is about, and by vague I mean I am totally shooting from the hip. So I wish there was a “who the hell knows!” category for my book to neatly fit in but alas, no such luck.

On to other  blog worthy things….We had good friends from Chicago come thru spur of the moment. After quite a time of not being out without a baby on my hip and a puberty laden 9 year old who thinks the sky is falling if there is the slightest change to her daily routine at my side,  we dropped our kids off at my brothers house, said sianara for 4 hours and headed empty armed to the bar around the corner from us to visit with our friends. 2 high lifes and a whiskey later we all left to venture on to get food with a brief detour at the R bar for some Abita and then onwards to the “Nelli Deli” AKA Quarter Master, where we ate some levely sloppy cheeseburgers fully dressed with Zapp’s and Hubigs pies.  It was a great time and it was nice to talk about more adult things without the fear of young ears being offended.

Halloween is our next stop on the updates train….

It began with a sleepover at my house with Hattie and her cousin Lilli. Both are good kids and boisterous and very very girly. Everything was princess or fashion or just plain girly giggles, which are more cackles than giggles but why split hairs. They had a blast and stayed up till Midnight watching movies and playing. The next morning we had ghost pancakes and then towards the afternoon Kelli my sister in law came over and we took the gals to a halloween party in the park here. There was a bouncy castle and a ferris wheel, though no one attempted the ferris wheel. There were snacks and candy galore and ofcourse the park equipment ann the fun of dressing up. After that we headed to Krewe de Boo, the halloween parade here. Great throws this year! Lilli scored, she isn’t afraid of shit! She gets right up there and so she walked away with a haul. Hattie is a bit more shy and isnt quite as aggressive so she still walked away with a fair amount of booty but not as much as Miss Lil. They had a blast. So did I.

Halloween, the actual day was more laid back for us. Hattie wanted to cook tacos so we walked to the Mardi Gras Zone and bought the ingredients. They were delicious, well chosen Miss Hattie. We then popped popcorn and mixed M&M’s in and watched Mr Boogedy and Bride of Mr. Boogedy, old 80’s Halloween specials. We all enjoyed it.

Anyways I am hoping this blog is the beginning of blogging on regular basis again. For those of you who are still checking this thing to see if indeed I am writing, thanks for hanging in there.


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