Sometimes Inspiration Comes When You Move….

We have moved from the beloved 7th and we now are in the Bywater. We love it. There are some sad things about leaving the old neigborhood behind. For instance, Mr. Forestor, heckler, drunk, handy man and possible pimp but always ALWAYS a gentleman to me and my kids. Many days he would knock on the door with treats for the kids or he would yell across the street at me just to say hey. He was our closest neighbor.

Then the night before we left our neighbor Tucker (AKA Mother Tucker) handed out sidewalk chalk to all the kids and they drew all over the freshly laid road and threw the pigskin back and forth. It was a beautiful thing to see all the kids doing something other than wondering around and getting into trouble. I hope this continues. There are good people there with a lot of umph to give.

Now I am surrounded  by boxes and covered paintings and my dogs who lay lazily at my side and feet. My kids in bed, tired from a day of unpacking and cleaning. My husband chats it up with our good friend Hawk from Illinois. And I, well I am fucking tired. I am good but tired. I met my goal of making things feel sane which means I have arranged and cleaned my kitchen and bathroom. When it comes down to it, those two rooms hold my sanity and if they are out of order well then so am I. After all my morning begins with a good strong cup of joe or tea in the kitchen (and Yoga,my kitchen opens into my living room) and then we progress to the bathroom where morning rituals are completed. So as I stated previously, serenity in the kitchen and bathroom equals happiness and serenity in my head 🙂

I just looked at my title and realized I have written nothing about inspiration, ha! Well now that my bathroom and kitchen are in order it is highly probable I will get some shortly. Till then I am off to drink some wine and fall asleep. TTFN.

Oh and why is there a giant picture of Hubig’s pies above? Because there is and they are delicious. That’s why. On to wine.


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