I am starting off this blog by saying Happy Birthday to myself . Self, Happy Birthday! It’s the big 3-0 for me today. As of nine this morning or tonight  I am or will be 30. That was a bit confusing. I have a lot of nines in my birthday. I was born the ninth month, the ninth day at nine. Freaky.

So what do I want to do  today? WELL>>>>>>>The Saints are playing the Vikings tonight so I will be joining our friends Mike and Terri for the good ol’ game (and chili with peanut butter bread, in the end folks I am after all a Midwestern gal) and hopefully our home team will smash our competition and bring in my 30th with a BANG!

Aside from that I like to play things loose. This morning I am looking at the things that inspire me on a daily. I plan on this year to be a very productive year and I do think it is important to have the daily inspiration, otherwise life become boring, dull and mundane. So here is a bit of visual inspiration from yours truly.

What else did you exspect? All hail the conquering heroes! I would like to say I stood and watched this last year with a 30 pound baby on my hip for about 6 hours. The energy was mad crazy!

This my daughter’s art work. She did this when she was 8. It’s happy and free like she is.

A couple pics of the artist herself.

And you knew it was coming, my son.

This guy below walking with Odin.

And again..with our dogs Eva and EdGrrrr.

These books are read almost on a daily to my toddler and I read them to my daughter. They have far more to say than most 400 page books.

These pictures are the constant in my life everyday. Of course I am also inspired by the art on my wall and the booksI am reading at the moment and those read many times like below.


The above is something I purchased recently, it is early 1900’s with it’s original silk binding. This is my favorite poem, I had to memorize it as a young girl and my Grandpa would quote it.  So I guess this is a little piece for me and for him.

Well I should close as this is getting lengthy and I’m ready to get my party on, Bloody Mary’s here I come. One last picture I have posted a thousand times over but in inspires me with laughter EVERY TIME I see it. Have a good Thursday everyone and GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Thirty.

  1. Happy Birthday. Mine was yesterday … so many happy birthday wishes. May you get money, get paid, and possible get laid!

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