Inspiration …….Again

I wanted to give kudos to a guy we know named Ray Cannata. Ray moved to Nola after Katrina and since has become more involved in New Orleans than most native New Orleanians.  He began a journey here and a quite a large one, he decided he was going to eat his way through New Orleans. Taking a year he visited as many restaurants as he could. Now that journey is at an end. He recorded his experiences in a documentery properly titled “The Man Who Ate New Orleans”.

It is inspiring to see people who are not from here, move here and get involved. But even more so, Ray and his family moved here, got involved and fell in love with the crescent city and then devoured it, literally. As he so amply points out in his interviews, to know and love New Orleans, you have to know and love it’s food. So without further adieu, here is the link to his website and a quick interview as well. Click on tease for the video and peek for the website.

Tease Peak


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