Pictures from Nola that inspire me part 1

St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, French Quarter

New Orleans has been inspiration for my brain for years now. I have writen songs about her and her mysterious ways and I have painted with her in mind. Inspiration is found by the barrel full around here. It is found in the food, the music, the art, the people, the river, the celebrations and street corners. Pretty much wherever you look…Bam! Inspiration.

The key to living in New Orleans is socialization. People…you NEED people to survive here, otherwise at times, it can be rather daunting. I live in what is still a blighted neighborhood, now it’s not as bad as some areas but it’s not too good either. I am surrounded by empty houses, vacant lots, drugs, murders and pot holed streets. I could get all “whoa is me” but that will just make me feel like shit so instead I choose to find inspiration in these things. I dream about who lived in the vancant houses, what is their story and why did they never come back? The empty lots one day will be beautiful community gardens or the spot where someones dream home will be built. There is inspiration in some of the negative if you know how to see it. When I can’t see it, I look to the positives. They are fixing my street and ridding it of all potholes, sure it’s inconvenient and I have sand and gravel in my shotgun (house that is) now but my street will be fixed and I am sure if the shocks on my truck could speak they would thank the city of New Orleans.

So below are pictures taken in New Orleans of celebrations, places and people. I wish I had a picture of the red beans and rice I made tonight but alas I do not so no food pictures which seems such a shame. Anyways this will be Nola part one as I have other photos I have to locate before I can post them. Also I will apologize for the disorderly way the photos are showing up, I’m not so WordPress savvy when it comes to putting pictures in my post.

These guys have no clue they are about to get walloped. Running of the bulls.Running of the bulls 2010

No ya can't.

Need I say more?

That is the crawfish that was boiled and later frozen in my freezer to be used in fettuccine.

Slap yo mama!

My man and his beard, an epic pair. Love it.

The Burler.

A float that has seen all the glories Mardi Gras has to offer.

The running of the bulls...our friends Mike and Ray ran from heavily armed women on wheels. Ray incidently has a book coming out about eating his way through New Orleans. Click on the link Here or visit

This is in the Art museum here. Inside were old scrolls. This craved wooden statue is super tall. Beautiful.

My handsome husband back in the day odering at the nelly deli AKA Quarter Master.

Trees lining Gentilly.

This guy along with about 6 hens, 5 chicks and another rooster live in my backyard, they roam the neighborhood freely. And yes they do start crowing around 4 am.

Audubon Park

Mardi Gras 2010! We defeated Indiana in the Superbowl, got rid of Nagin and partied in the streets on Fat Tuesday. It doesn’t get better than that ladies and gents.

Oh Happy Day, Nagin’s on his way…out!

Cool Breez, Drew that is.

Finally someone with something positive to say at Mardi Gras, thank you little lady.

They were right...Nola does worship the golden calf! I swear I saw a human sacrifice!

Music of course.

We are the city that doesn't sleep...we keep going and going and going......

This lady was classy and I liked her costume best of all those I saw.

My daughter and our friend John. He was green with envy.....:)

Our friends Mike and Teri. She was Miss-Fortune and he was the guy who hit her.

Our friend Kathleen, in all her piratey goodness.


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Nola that inspire me part 1

  1. I cherish my old NOLA pix, and I am grateful to have them. I think so many of the places I used to visit may be gone now. Like is Schwegmans still around on Airline Highway, or is it just gone post-Katrina?

    I adore watching my old videos from Mardi Gras. So much joy! Can’t wait to come down with my son so he can see for himself. Hoping for Jazz Fest this year! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your photos. They made me smile. NOLA is a city of survivors. It is too good of a place to just pick up and leave willingly.

    • Sadly there are no more Schwegmans around. Old man Schwegman died before Katrina and the business ended up in a legal battle between siblings. It’s all Rouses and Winn Dixies. There are also a couple of Whole Foods, one out on Magazine and the other on Veterans. Dorignacs is still there too.

      Yes, New Orleans is a city of survivors for sure. Though i would say half of the city are people who previously had not been living here or others still that had lived here before and had moved away before the big ‘K’ and who chose to come back.

      I love Jazz Fest, its a great time indeed. I hope you and yours will be able to make it. If you have time, hit me up and we’ll grab a cup of joe and blog. I know schedules get hectic too so no pressure 🙂

      As always, thanks for reading!

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