Flattened Oatmeal Muffins

This was us this past Mardi Gras

Our new way of eating sucks. I thought I would just throw that out there. But as much as I bitch and moan about it, the health benefits have been amazing for me. Who knew dairy was affecting me as much as it was ? I do miss my milk. Yes there are milk substitutes out there but they are all missing one thing…The moo. There is no substitute for the moo. Soy milk, Almond milk, hazelnut milk and yes even hemp milk are all flavorful but they are not milk.

Flours are the next thing I miss. I am banned from all white flours and rye oddly. I love rye bread. Again though the health benefits of not having them has been amazing.  I have learned to cook many things using ground down oatmeal. This morning we had Oatmeal muffins with eggs. The muffin however were heavy do to my lack of baking powder(thus my title). If I had been less lazy i would have whipped my egg whites until soft peaks formed and then folded those in. Then I would have had lighter muffins but at 6;30, I can hardly fathom making my own coffee let alone making muffins. I pat myself on the back for even attempting it.

The only thing not amazing is the ban from red meat. I can deal with the ban from pork, though living in new orleans, it is hard to avoid as we love our pork. Oink. I can deal with the ban from lamb, which I have grown to love. But I do miss the occasional cheeseburger and steak, rare please. In general it is hard to avoid many of the things I can not have because I live in a city that revolves around food. We eat, sleep and drink our food. We dream about it. When we eat breakfast, we are thinking about lunch and dinner and many times dinner is already on the stove simmering and bubbling with goodness. Yes food is our middle name New Food Orleans. Food is our god. Right next to merrymaking and costumes (thats is a whole other blog).

All in all this has been a re-training of my culinary skills, which weren’t great to begin with but I think I am starting to understand that the key to eating this way is creativity and good veggie side dishes ( no potatoes! there goes at least 100 good possible side dishes). As a result my husband and I are getting very creative, pulling out and dusting off our 15 odd cookbooks for inspiration. Dale (my husband) is a much better cook than I. In fact, when we married 11 years ago I sucked at it and i cringe to think how many dishes he ate that were terrible. He was always kind however and only once said he couldn’t eat it, but neither could I. Since then I have evolved and become more involved in cooking and in food, learning to taste the food constantly and educating myself on what goes nicely together. Dale, who has always loved to cook, has helped immensely.

Well I suppose that’s my post. I need to get dressed and get on to schooling my children. Happy cooking.


3 thoughts on “Flattened Oatmeal Muffins

  1. What started the food change? I missed that part. You probably don’t want to read my blog entry about how much I love rare meat. (There’s the other moo for ya.) I hope it is a lifestyle experiment, rather than a medical necessity — like you discovered you have celiac or something else.

    The next time I am down in NOLA, I shall have to alert you and maybe we can sit in a coffee house and blog together, side-by-side while listening to some good music. That would be coooool. (But probably hot!)


    • Indeed, please alert away! That would be fun.

      The “diet” (for lack of a better word) is definitely a lifestyle experiment but there have been some great health advantages too. Basically we are following the blood type diet rules (eating according to our blood type). The idea is that each blood type is susceptible to certain illness and different foods play into it as well. By controlling the food, you control the illness. Pretty wonky. We decided to give it a go when a friend tried it after her doctor recommended it to find out what foods were affecting her arthritis. The downside for me is that I am in love with rare meat. Chicken and turkey are my least favorite meats and that is pretty much what I am stuck with. My husband who is a different blood type, can have all the red meat he wants, though he has pretty much decided to have very little so not to tease me. In return I have agreed to not brew large pots of coffee but rather a cup at a time as he can not have coffee(Yeah, i told you the diet sucks). They even took away most of my seafood. Fascists. So we will continue and slowly add in some of the foods on the “avoid” list to see how they affect us. The good news, I am learning tons of new ways to cook that I can apply to other foods if we should decide to add some of the banned foods back into our pantry (and freezer). I am hoping. 🙂

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