I…I….I like me.

I do like me. Thank you Del Griffith for reminding me that “me” is likable and if you can’t like yourself well than you are up shit creek. I also like posting funny pictures. Pictures, I think are a window to the soul, they tell people what we like, what our personalities are like, colors we are drawn to and much more. And like everything else they are up for interpretation. So below are some pictures I found on ye olde net that I like quite alot. Some are pictures of things I like, others are some I found funny and then there are paintings and such.  Enjoy.

Ancient Underwater City AlexandriaI love archeology. Period. Other cultures have so much to offer us, especially those that have passed before us.

I love old vintage photos.

I have a love affair with Halloween. It is my favorite holiday.

100 uses for doily’s #56 they make an excellent strapless bra.

Those of you who know me know I love tattoos but even more I love the History. This is History, Charles Wagner Tattoos. He tattooed from 1890 until his death in 1953.

public toilet pics The little boys room.

100 uses for a basket #43; During these hard economic times a basket can be turned into a most exquisite hat. This is one painting that stood out to me as a child and to this day is one of my favorites. When I was young I was terrified of dying and so was drawn to more macabre art and old people groups. I found most old religions and cultures had a balanced view of death, even joyful.  I found comfort in it and have made my peace with the subject through these things.

These photos are of Blacksmith forges and the hands of blacksmiths. And a squirrel. I love the art of blacksmithing and one day plan to be accomplished at it but until then I will gaze at pictures and read my books and try my hand when I have opportunity.

Frida Kahlo. My favorite paining by her.

Frida Kahlo. My favorite artist. She is the reason I ever attempted to paint. My 2nd favorite Frida painting.

And lastly, another picture of hands. Hands tell so much about a person. My grandfathers hands were always dirty, even when they were clean. I married a man whose hands are the same way, he is always doing something.


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